Forgiveness – only after they pay the price

I wrote a reply to this article: Michael Gove says ‘Christian forgiveness’ is needed over partygate, but in today’s world of silent censorship, the fact I posted it, and think it is there for others to see, as I can see it, doesn’t mean anyone else can see it. So, I am posting it here:

What I would like to ask Mr Gove is this simple question: does he forgive the German elite of WWII who similarly used mass media propaganda to manipulate their people? Because if he doesn’t how can we forgive his government, when they used the same mass media lies and distortion from their nudge unit: the bread and butter of every Totalitarian regime in the 20th century!

Yes I forgive the Germany people. Because the German people of WWII, were not intrinsically bad, but they were made that way when politicians created that situation using the new technology of radio, film and mass media newspapers to deliberately mislead the German people … and in that process, they created a vicious cycle of lies hatred, and focussing their hatred on the “untermensch” which eventually led to the atrocities of the camps.

Everyone should recognise that the early demonising of the Jews (and others) as occurred in Germany as being very similar to almost the same demonising of the “unvaxed” that the nudge unit and government attempted: we even had the same requirement to show papers proving we had the acceptable genetics (i.e. jab). We also saw the beginning of concentration camps in Australia for the “untermensch”, together with a worldwide attack by the internet mafia. If the virus had continued to enable their mass media lies and terror campaign …. who knows where it would have ended?

And, don’t say “it wouldn’t have ended in an atrocity” when everything we did after WWII to stop it ever happening again, particularly the Nuremberg code, was totally and ruthlessly ignored. The code, said no one can be forced to take an experimental treatment. The jab was undoubtedly experimental … and many many people were forced to take in amounting to a serious crime against humanity.

I have no doubt, given the history of Totalitarian regimes, that we were on the verge of a vicious and evil spiral of WWII type dimensions where the moral boundaries were pushed back and back, the economy ruined, our freedoms gone, until the “untermensch” became the ultimate scapegoats for the government’s own appalling behaviour. Especially now we see the total contempt they had for “their own” people: a government that literally treated us like animals to be herded into pens for ILLEGAL injections under the Nuremberg code, whilst thy PARTIED.

Forgiveness is always possible … but not until those responsible for taking us so close to the appalling nightmare scenarios seen in the early 20th century pay the price. Because the reality remains: despite all the legal constraints from the Human rights act to Magna Carta, to the Nuremberg code … nothing stopped these evil politicians treating us like animals and riding totally WWII style roughshod over our rights and freedoms.

If nothing stopped it for a mere flu … what will stop them next time someone dreams up some fake emergency to enslave us with? NOTHING. We were entirely let down by the press, politicians, judges and even the police.

They must pay the price … so that no one dares ever attempt this appalling Totalitarian Terror campaign on us again …. then we can discuss forgiveness.

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