Is this how civilisation ends?

For a while I’ve been stating the problem of what I call “hysteria feedback loops”, where hysteria presented by the media, goes out into the world and then gets taken in by the media who start believing their own distorted view of the truth. And, as the media, or other propagandists typically do, they egg the truth, and … a while later they start hearing that echoed back to them by other media outlets, politicians, the public, and they then start believing that distortion is true. And, so a vicious cycle of increasing hysteria can and does occur. Notable historical episodes were in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia & China (five year plans) and Pol Pot, etc. … all of these occurred after rapid changes in flow of information through cinema, cheap newspapers and then TV.

The reason we don’t often get hysteria feedback loops, is due to one phenomenon: that many people are altruistic enough to understand a subject themselves and then to start to ask the awkward questions like: “do you have any evidence for that?” Sceptics are the people who stop the world sliding off into oblivion by bringing them back down to earth and asserting common sesne … unless that is, the sceptics aren’t allowed to have a say, which is what Google and others have been doing recently.

The result of the evil of Google, is that you can’t question the insanity of climate alarmism … nor point out the obvious that CO2 is good for plants, because that is now taboo; those who pointed out that 2020 with covid was BETTER in terms of age adjusted deaths than every year before 2008 or that giving an experimental jab to millions of people who were at almost no risk from covid and massive risks from the jab, was not just illegal, but totally insane … Google repressed them.  Your website is pushed down the rankings so it cannot be found, your you-censor channel was demonetised or just banned, and likewise twitter sends your tweets to the bottom of the pile where no one sees them and basically Big Tech repressed and censored the sceptics.

The result of this evil censorship of the sceptics who prevent hysteria feedback loops, was covid hysteria: the most damaging hysteria over a flu ever seen … and the hysteria pushed policies that were totally utterly useless or usually harmful and unbelievably expensive. TOTAL HYSTERIA… for a death rate LOWER than every year before 2008 = TOTAL DELUSION.

And, I warned that the next feedback loop may well trigger a nuclear war … and hey presto … with the news media already obsessed with UK rain (why does climate always trigger them), and with Russia apparently wanting to take our rain, apparently we are now heading toward nuclear war. Normally that would be a “threat”, but when hysteria feedback loops are already operating, it now seems inevitable that it will happen.

And the result of even a limited war … will be reprisals (delusional … but that is what delusional feedback loops create) and the result of that will be the nuclear winter, and that could potentially (likely?)trigger the next ice-age.

And, no one anywhere is going to do well in the next ice-age … it’s very much a loose loose – loose loose (loose loose = everyone does extremely badly!! I’d estimate 90% death rates being optimistic**).

Cunning Plan?

I don’t have one. The world is going mad as these hysteria feedback loops grow ever more intense and (based on the density of articles everywhere) people are quickly getting more and more delusional (obsessional?). My only “plan” is to stay out of these delusional feedback loops, and hope either:

  1. scepticism develops rapidly to control the hysteria (a forlorn hope based on the last two years where scepticism completely failed)
  2. an opportunity to avoid the worst of the mayhem presents itself.

A silly plan -prepping

There are people who are into “prepping” … which basically is a way to sell gullible people silly gadgets that they would never use in an emergency.

** I said every loses …. that might not be strictly true. I’ve identified a few places where (at a wild guess) I might head to if the ice-age were starting … but more than likely, even if I got there early, everyone else will start heading there and so it might appear to be a better place to be, but not with 7billion people attempting to head there also.

Better to be a rat in the king’s sewer, than the King in his castle with the entire world trying to break in!

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