It’s over and the woke forces lost

I now have growing confidence that not only have we seen the latest and every milder variant peak, but that the number of deaths or even severely ill people in the UK is going to be very small … the same level as a common cold and that it will be soon very obvious that there has been a stunning over-reaction to covid.

This epidemic is on the way out … and unless evolution reverses, all future epidemics are likely to be even milder … making covid soon a joke for over-reacting hypochondria like “you’ve got man-flu”.

Much less welcome, is the fact that we are seeing an increased death rate amongst working age people which is clearly due to the jab. Indeed, the deaths are so high, that despite the claims for the jab “saving people”, what appears to have happened is that the jab caused as many deaths as it “saved”, and, unfortunately, the effects of the jab are likely to last a lot longer than the threat of covid, meaning the jab will end up killing more people than it “saved”.

That is not a scandal that can be hushed up!!!

On the positive side, we haven’t seen any signs that suggest ADE is increasing deaths although it could be related to the above. However, at present the damage being done by the jabs appear to be slight … although obviously each case is an unnecessary death and should be investigated under domestic law as well as international law as a crime against humanity under the Nuremberg code.

The failures of the woke academics in SAGE

Let’s summarise the failures of the academics in SAGE, a bunch of arrogant morons who had absolutely no idea how to operate in an “emergency” and who as a result got almost everything entirely wrong.

The first and simplest thing is that in an emergency, you cannot afford to have myopic idiots who can’t see the bigger picture. So, when you do forecasts, the forecasts have to take account of all the impacts, which for covid was not just the injury and deaths from covid, but also the injuries and deaths and other social and economic damage from shutting down the NHS, shutting down the economy, the breaking of human rights, etc.

  • In January, SAGE said the risk from covid was “VERY low”. Any risk analysis would have shown, that even if it was “very low” (which it clearly was not), the potential cost was enormous, so action should have started at that point and the risk should not have been “very low”.
  • In February, having totally failed on the first forecast, they told the government “track and trace will stop it”. Because again they were totally incompetent fools as anyone who bothered to look at what was happening in China could see it was getting around attempts to stop it like a hot knife through butter
  • In March (?), SAGE came up with a forecast that the epidemic would peak in June. This is because the idiots in SAGE were (and still are) obsessed with the fictional “R” number. That is a meaningless number, because without also knowing and monitoring the mean time between infections, R tells them nothing. But, there is no need to know R & the meantime between infections … because even a schoolboy plotting the epidemic no a long-time graph paper will see that it was following a straight line increasing by nearly 10x per week (not the 2x per week they told the PM). And, there was no way it wasn’t going to peak by the end of April, because by that time the whole country had to be infected. That was one of the most criminally incompetent forecasts ever!! Because it meant that the government believed they had about three months to prepare, when the reality, is that they may have had less than a month.
  • Headless chicken lockup. At the beginning of April, it is clear the headless chicken academics stopped being totally complacent idiots, and started being headless chicken idiots. Because around that time they stopped saying there were months to go till the peak, and they started demanding a lockup. Unfortunately, that meant the lcokup occurred after the peak of infections, at a stage when the epidemic was already starting to subside.
  • The brain dead: Because we did something and something happened, it must be that what we did caused it to happen. The whole of science is an attempt to stop the false attribution of cause and effect. It’s the most fundamental lesson good scientists learn probably at primary school. But not the braindead morons in SAGE. Having locked up the country too late to have any effect … they then attributed the drop in infections to what they had done and not as any scientist could have worked out … to the fact the epidemic peaked before the lockup.
  • The Denial of sweden’s success. Fortunately for SAGE, despite having made a false attribution of the decline in the epidemic to their lockup, Sweden came along and showed what happened without a lockup … which was much the same epidemic curve as we had in the UK, showing that the lockup had no effect on the epidemic. That is the point that any scientist had to dismiss the idea the lockups had had any significant impact on the epidemic. But not the morons in SAGE … who then proceeding to do all they could to stop people hearing about Sweden.
  • The illegal, criminal, Nazi, Pysops Nudge Unit. Science progresses one sceptical success at a time. So, any scientist welcomes critique of their work and therefore welcomes open honest free debate based on the facts. But not the Nazis in SAGE!! They wanted to force their hysterical non-science onto the people. The result is that they stirred up panic, fear and locked the UK into a hysterical delusional feedback loop …which is what Totalitarian regimes use to control the people, and which is why they so often commit appalling atrocities … as did the mass murder and crimes against humanity committed by SAGE.
  • The death in care homes
    Whether indirectly, because SAGE told the government they had far more time and as a result there was a cockup, or whether SAGE directly advised about the mistreatment of the elderly: for example sending people with early more deadly variants of covid to care homes, SAGE killed a lot of elderly people. They also created a atmosphere of complete fear … with the result many elderly people died from simple neglect such as not getting treatment as basic as regular drinks of water. These deaths are directly the responsibility of the people in SAGE & particularly the evil people in the psyops nudge unit.
  • The denial of working treatments
    I haven’t checked, but I suspect SAGE was also involved in some way, in the repression of viable treatments such as Vitamin D. YES … something as simple as giving people vitamin D would have reduced death rate. And, there were other possibilities like Ivermectin or HCQ … neither of which were accepted in the UK … until Big Pharma made their own variant and it suddenly became acceptable to treatment with Ivermectin (rebranded).
  • The focus on the jab … which caused the jab to be used before it was properly tested. Which meant that safety was ignored, which also meant the focus remained on the illegal and ineffective lockup when it should have been on encouraging people, and particularly the NHS (& Schools) to return to normal.
  • The culture of pushing the jab at all costs and hiding the lack of testing and the illnesses being caused… which meant that the true number of injuries and deaths was not properly reported by doctors … which meant the true horror was repressed until it was too late.
  • The lack of cost benefit analysis … which meant they never considered the cost to the NHS of shutting it down, nor the cost to the economy, nor the cost to children, nor the cost to mental health, nor the moral cost of breaking the human rights of everyone, nor the profound change in ethics which leads up to Totalitarianism and the end of freedom. In short, SAGE was obsessed with the direct “cost of covid” … and unlike any professional person, who would look at the wider picture, these incompetent amateurs didn’t care less what their focus on covid was doing elsewhere.
  • Always the worst case … so this winter, SAGE gave a worst case estimate of deaths which even just after the peak, we know was totally utterly completely wrong.

What did SAGE get right? Not a lot. The only time both me and SAGE got it wrong … was when they massively over estimated the epidemic last winter and I massively underestimated the epidemic … which is excusable on my part … because I had only one year’s experience and unlike SAGE I didn’t have access to all the data. Which when I was right and they were wrong on every other forecast …really does show what a total bunch of incompetent idiots they are.

The Academics have shown they are not competent to predict “crisis”.

The one thing that will come out of this appalling debacle, is that the academics are entirely the wrong people to be advising government on large scale crisis. They ignore the science, get panicked by nothing at all yet also fail to act when needed, and as a result they get everything wrong.

The public and certainly government are never ever going to trust them quite the same again! Their time lording it over us, on climate and now covid, are numbered! The woke forces are on the decline … society is now inoculated against woke.

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