The covid scam is beginning to crumble

There’s a point when battering down a door, when the woodwork is going, but the door is still closed. But, we can tell it is going to break open, because the door starts “giving”. That is starting to happen with covid. It’s almost becoming respectable to be a sceptic, indeed, it might even be in danger of becoming fashionable.

It is now more of a shock to find someone who is openly a lockup lover, than to find people who openly express their scepticism. Indeed, I’ve not heard any strong pro-lockup, pro mask wearing sentiments for a while. Yes, there are people who still argue that masks works, or argue that the jab works, but not with enthusiasm, but rather in the way a defence council will argue for a knowingly guilty man.

This isn’t quite how I imagined the ending. I assumed that the two options, were to fade out or go out with a bang. Instead, there is a strong surge toward the sceptics, but no sign of the bang. The other thing is that governments seem to have lost control of the narrative. It is as if the public have got immunity to their propaganda. That is interesting, because once gained, immunity to government propaganda is long lasting. And, more interesting, people are clearly gaining immunity to the black ops “tar the opposition as stupid” propaganda as well.

It’s too early to say how people are being impacted by this change, so it’s not possible to predict how things move from here. But if I were in the black ops or nudge units … I’d be trying to hide the evidence trail that links me to the appalling crimes. Indeed, best they prepare for a very long stay away from home.

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