Covid is just getting interesting

Covid has now mutated to the point where it is just another cold … that is, about 100-200 people each day in the UK die within 28days of getting a cold, and guess what? About 100-200 people in the UK are now dying within 28days of getting covid and the average age is guess what? The same age as those who don’t die within 28 days of getting a cold/covid.

As importantly, the public mood is changing. There is a tangible growing distrust of what is happening amongst the public … who now know the measures are totally disproportionate.

And, that is why it’s about to get interesting. The climate scare has been going on for decades, and the flame of the hysteria has been kept burning, but whilst it often appeared to be dying, it never quite got to the stage we have got to with the covid scare. So, I’m unclear what happens next with these massive delusional events (particularly in the age of the internet censorship aka “brainwashing” which makes them much worse).

In the past, we’ve had such scares such as the “kids can’t be allowed to go into the sun” scare (yes honestly, in Scotland where we almost never see the sun, kids were being prevented from seeing what little sun there was … and the result was some literally developed rickets from lack of vitamin D). And, yes they did just fizzle out. But what is different about the climate and covid scares/scams, is that a lot of people have lost a lot of money and in the case of covid, there have been some extremely serious breaches of both international and UK law. These scams are not going to just fizzle out and die. They cannot “just be forgotten”. People have died as a result of the appalling forced jabbing of the population, and their relatives will not give us prosecuting those responsible when it all falls apart.

Of course … I already know I will be appalled by the money making scams and profiteering from victims that will occur after covid, so, I’m not exactly looking forward to it. But, whilst it seems inevitable that covid will end up in endless court cases with Johnson, Sturgeon et al going to jail, I still can’t quite envisage how that happens.  Does it all suddenly blow up? Does is slowly smoulder for many years eventually leading to the arrest and imprisonment of politicians which most people had forgotten existed? Do the press do a 180degree U-turn and start attacking the politicians for the very policies they were screaming at them to enforce?

But, whatever happens next, will show the likely fate of the global warming scam.

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