The link between Covid Tyranny and Nazis

If anyone like me visited Germany in the Decades after WWII, and met ordinary decent Germans, the question that could not be answered is this: “how did these people end up supporting a regime like the Nazis that ended up killing so many people in such horrific ways?”

The answer, if we believed the likes the left wing extremist BBC (Biased Brainwashing Cult), is that it was “all the fault of the Tories”. Or as they put it “Nazism is a form of Toryism  … that occurs when Tories start doing things that the Biased Cult don’t want like wanting out the EU (the German utopian vision!)

But, if  socialism was so good, why were the German National Socialists – the official name of the Nazis, so bad? Surely, if politics played a part, the natural conclusion seeing the atrocities of communism (the left) and the German National Socialists, is that all types of socialism is bad.

The problem, as I now realise, is that the whole narrative of WWII as portrayed by the biased media was totally distorted. The Nazis were not evil because they were left wing, and certainly not because they were right wing. Instead, they were evil because that evil was allowed to develop within their society irrespective of how their politics was mapped onto British parties by the biased reporters of the Biased Cult.


The question all reasonable people are now asking about covid is this: “how did we get from ‘two weeks to save the NHS’ to enforcement of illegal experimental drugs?” Indeed, people are now openly talking of concentration camps for those who chose not to take these experimental harmful drugs, blatantly flouting the Nuremberg codes under which Nazi doctors were hanged for similar crimes.

The likeness to the Nazis of the covid tyranny is now so clear, that many people, indeed, perhaps most people recognise the similarity.

So, does what we’ve seen during covid explain the rise of Nazism?

Goebbels Great Lie

Of the numerous appalling behaviours of the Nazis, one of them sticks out like a saw thumb: that is the way the Nazis not only used the media to spread misinformation, but the way the German media so zealously complied.

The way the Nazis were able to utilise propaganda has been epitomised in the expression coin by Hitler:

the use of a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

The actual technique is not so important. The key is that the Nazis made extensive use of propaganda and by repetition of the same fear mongering and misinformation, they were literally able to brainwash a whole population. To steadily, bit by bit, nudge viewpoints so that people would change their views about what was acceptable, eventually enable very ordinary people who thought they were being “good” to be able to countenance the most horrific crimes of humanity.

The German propaganda machine was effective, not because it lied, but because it changed people’s perception about what is acceptable.

The Covid brainwashing

When I saw Covid coming in January, I watched with horror the videos online of people supposedly with covid falling dead on the street. I watched with horror as people were welded into their apartments, only to then read they were let out twice a week to get shopping. I watched with horror as police shot a woman dead, not once, but in two different videos.

I watched in horror as we saw hospitals literally filled to the brim with people dying from covid. Only to see China go back to normal, the moment the infection: the feardemic, arrived in the west.

At the time, I thought the propaganda was being done for “good” intentions, but even so, I could see what was going to happen. We too were going to have the images of hospitals filled to the brim being broadcast nightly on every news and current affairs program. What I hadn’t realised, is that we too had the videos of fake arrests, the videos of actors playing people who “lost loved ones” of the internet filled with paid commenters claiming that for the 1000th time that they had just lost another “loved one”.

The onslaught of government, Big Pharma (for profits) and Chinese propagandists trying to turn our society in a quivering jelly of fear was appalling, and perhaps, the wonder is that our society didn’t just collapse entirely. But the most appalling thing that happened, was when the social mafia bosses, who I knew from the way they blocked or repressed climate sceptic comments, then started repressing even professional doctors who dared to make factual comments that went against the reign of terror. Their behaviour was utterly appalling, the kind of thing that only a Nazi would do.

But, the effect was even worse. Because as people began losing the perspective of the sceptics, the fear mongering, which was already bad enough, gained a life of its own. It no longer became acceptable to just be afraid and hide in your basement. People now had to show their support for the fascist cult and start wearing muzzles in public. Muzzles that not only restricted breathing, but restricted speech and even smiles. People became detached from each other, unable to speak to anyone except under the watchful censorship of Fascist book or twitter and that is how the reign of terror began changing their whole perception of what was acceptable … just like the Nazis.

So, if anyone asks “how did ordinary people let the Nazis take over, and why didn’t they stop them”. The answer is the same one of why ordinary people like the Covid Nazis take over and why so few tried to stop them.

A Theoretical approach

Having set out the background, I would now like to propose a theoretical basis for the propaganda brainwashing effect, which underlies both the atrocity of the Nazis, and which is now leading our present society down the same route toward concentration camps for the “minorities”.

Any idea can be spread, and tracking the spread of those ideas on a media like Twitter will show that like a virus, the ideas get passed on from one person to many people. So, there is an exponential growth in the number of people who see that idea until the susceptible population has seen the idea (we don’t all want to see scooba diving dogs).

So, we can readily understand the analogy between the spread of information and a virus, indeed, the two are often likened.

What then is the role of the sceptic? A sceptic is a person who tends to be sceptical – and as such they tend to “inquire” (the original greek meaning) into things to see whether they are well founded and supported by evidence.So, the sceptic tends to drag a discussion, back to the reality, to squash the more outlandish ideas and their input, whilst often not appreciated, is to moderate the worst excesses.

So, what happens if we remove the Sceptics from social media as the Social mafia do? In terms of society, sceptics are a bit like the white cells in a body. Few in number, slow to respond, but when they get going they usually totally squash dangerous viruses. As such, when misinformation enters the internet, the sceptics, though few in number, slow to respond, after they have taken time to assess the situation, when eventually they get going, they can create such a push back that it squashes the misinformation. And, that is why people spreading misinformation hate the sceptics. Indeed, one of the best ways to know who is spreading misinformation, is to look for who wants to silence the sceptics.

But the result, if sceptics are repressed is that the misinformation spreads like a virus, and as Lewandowsky gleefully exclaimed: “once the misinformation is given to the public, they only remember the misinformation, even if later (he was) forced to retract”.

The idea that the general public have this innate ability to spot when they are being lied to, relies on one small but essential ingredient: that they are able to hear the sceptics. Without the sceptics, the public just gullibly accept the misinformation, and that is how German Nazi brainwashing and Covid Nazi brainwashing worked.

It’s the feedback that causes the appalling behaviour

So, hopefully, it is not too difficult to see that the spread of misinformation, and the repression of sceptics, can lead people to believe lies. However, that in itself doesn’t cause the events that lead to Nazism. The essential ingredient is FEEDBACK!!

The feedback loop operates this way. The propagandists, usually believing they are “morally superior” (both German and Covid), take their superior morality as justification to push the truth. As a result, they all “egg the pudding”. Because the media also believe in the same cause and that it is morally right to lie to the public, they too egg the pudding. Other commentators, reviewing the articles and writing their own, also believe in the same cause, so reading the already exaggerated articles about the already exaggerated propaganda, they also add bells and whistles and put the dagger in more to “minorities” opposing the “glorious fatherland”.

And, here is the key part. When the propagandists start reading all the various articles (or in a modern era social media posts), that have all added their own extra twist that makes the propaganda sound so realistic, the propagandists who manufactured the lie, find the reporting of others about their own lie, so compelling that they believe their own lie is the truth.

And the final death knell to freedom and tolerance, is that the propagandists, seeing that the “truth” is even worse than they thought, start pushing out more extreme untruths, although they don’t see it that way …. only an impartial observer could see it … because now they intrinsically believe their old propaganda was telling the truth, and so it is their duty to make it even more extreme. To attack the minority even more vigorously, to repress the sceptics even more, to exaggerate the numbers more. This new version of the “truth” then goes through the same loop another time … causing the propagandists to believe their own lies again, so that they are convinced they must write even more extreme things.

Little, by little, the lies get bigger and bigger, the sceptics get more and more repressed, and not just the propagandists, but ordinary normally sensible people start believing the “truth” of the propaganda. The result is a vicious cycle of ever increasing extremism such that it is inevitable that people views about what is “truth” and what is “acceptable” change over time, so that people, who would once never have countenanced something, will thoroughly endorse it. They are not evil, they are just brainwashed by social wide “hysteria loop”, the like of which we saw with covid. And, unless something acts to stop the covid hysteria, the logic of history, is that the same appalling atrocities will be repeated. But this time the concentration camps and mass deaths will be to “save us” from covid. Indeed, we already know of mass deaths in care homes and the proscribing of medication that likely killed many, and to describe the lockup of individuals without families being to see them as “concentration camps” is not that far from the truth.

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