Update on Covid

For a while there has been a theoretical possibility that rather than reducing deaths, that the jab would lead to a condition known as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), which makes it more likely that someone who has been given the jab, will not just be infected by covid, but that the infection could be much worse than without the jab.

To give an idea of the seriousness, I am told that in lab trials, which were skipped for this jab, around 50% of animals got ADE and died.

Many commentators are now suggesting that the rise in infections and deaths in Israel is an early indicator that the jab is causing ADE. I have no way to know whether this is so, but it is clear that the available stats could be interpreted as supporting a hypothesis that ADE is present and that it is growing as an issue.

Most concerning, is the silence from the UK government and media on this possible situation. That indicates to me that they have been told to keep quiet, and therefore that the UK government is treating it as a real threat.

It has been suggested that providing a “booster” shot could stop people getting covid and therefore stop them dying. However, it has also been suggested that a further booster shot will compound the problem. This post is subdued, not because the situation isn’t serious, but because there is no effective action that I can recommend.

This is my own analysis for my own use: WorstCaseAnalysis20210902

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