Covid and Climate

I thought it was time to have a think about how this covid debacle will impact climate.


Whilst a lot still remains unclear, what we can now say with confidence is:

  1. The lockups were a disaster in every sense. Those countries that went for this insane response actually ended up with more covid deaths. Whereas, in order to even attempt to justify these illegal actions, they would have needed to see an absolutely massive reduction in deaths.
  2. “Science” was a total ass, if by “science” is meant the academics who usually stand up and claim to be telling us the “science”. Because these people utterly confidently told us that “science” told us we had to destroy our economy, health and education in order to “save” people. Whereas, e.g. we in the UK ended up with about 40,000 more deaths than if we’d followed the Swedish no lockup strategy.
  3. The jab was a flop – in the UK we saw no reduction in the death rate between those who got the jab first and other groups. Instead, the epidemic finished in the way epidemics always finish, with a combination of natural herd immunity and spring
  4. The “scientists” couldn’t cope with the real world, where we repeatedly got epidemics, that grew (as they do) and then went away (as they do) and entirely without jabs (as they do). Instead, they couldn’t understand how it was possible for epidemics to disappear (as they do) without a jab (as we don’t need).
  5. The models were universally condemned by almost everyone as totally useless.
  6. If we look at deaths in years before vaccines for older people, and compare those death rates with the rate of 2020 for a bug that wasn’t vaccinated against, we find that there was not a lot of difference particularly if we factor in the very low death rate in 2019. Instead, it is going to be pretty obvious, that if vaccines stop older people dying, then when we get a bug that doesn’t fit the vaccines dolled out, that there is going to be an exceptionally high death rate. But that high death rate is because lives had been extended by previous years vaccines, and not because they were cut UNNATURALLY short or it was a particularly disastrous year (considering the large numbers who would be lined up from being saved ready for the next normal unvaccinated flu epidemic)


We have for years, been lied to about the climate in the same way that for the last year anyone watching the Biased Brainwashing Cult, was lied to about covid. We were also told that this period was “exceptional”, by people who refused to compare the present period with known data from the past, but who like covid, chose a very short period of comparison in order to fabricate a scare.

Likewise, we have seen appalling models, that failed to work on numerous occasions become the basis of eye wateringly expensive government policy. And like covid, the “science” – or what was pretended to be science – has been repeatedly wheeled out to fool the gullible.

Lessons learned

First lesson, is that despite the lies and deceit from those like the Biased Brainwashing Cult, the science eventually shone through. Admittedly, those who jumped on the covid bandwagon are still very tentative in their acceptance, but it is clear that they have very little option other than to accept that lockups did not work, etc.

Second lesson, is that it takes a lot of time for the science to show through. I knew covid peaked naturally in April last year, but some very good academics are only very slowly coming round to this point of view.

And, the third less: what happens when the public find out. Now that is an interesting question, because the vast majority of the population are still totally unaware they were taken for a ride. Indeed, it is possible that the politicians etc., will try to stop them learning. But as they say: when in a hole, stop digging, and the politicians and those establishment “scientists” who pushed the lockup are in a massive hole already.


Whatever happens about the public perception of covid or climate, the simple truth is that we in the UK can no longer afford the climate stupidity. And, moreover, I don’t think anyone is every again going to accept the words “trust me I’m a scientist” ever again. Indeed, it may be closer to “You’re a scientist – which means you’re a totally gullible fool”, is far more likely and realistic. I can’t think of a simple parallel to “just three weeks to flatten the curve”, … followed by a year of flattening the economy, health, education and freedoms. But if anyone tries that kind of lie of climate … they’re not going to find a gullible public now.

But, it needs time. My bet is that the reaction against covid and climate, may now follow much the same path: an initial gullibility, followed by a very long and slow slip of credibility, followed by …. well we are yet to see how strongly the public react when they find out how much its all cost and how much they have been lied to. And that phase will take longer on climate.

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