The end is nigh for the covid criminals

With the number of deaths per day heading along the same path as the number of positive tests, irrespective of whether the group has had the genetic therapy (falsely termed “vaccine) or not, it is now clear the therapy has been a total flop and even if by some miracle it eventually causes some effect, the scale of that effect will be so minimal as to make the therapy totally pointless. It cannot be justified.

The latest epidemic (which was perhaps helped to grow by the lockup), is now coming to an end through natural herd immunity and not because of some expensive gimmick from a profit driven vaccine company and SAGE members with the snouts in the vaccine trough. The last hope of a convincing rational for the covid criminals who illegally locked up the UK, destroyed out economy, health and denied education to those at virtually zero risk has gone.

Instead, all that is left is their disastrous handling of the covid fiasco and the fact that we now have numerous studies showing lockups do not work. Indeed, as I have said many times, you only have to look at the lower deathrate in Sweden to know we shouldn’t have illegally locked up the nation.

The tide is going out and soon these criminal will be left like fish flip flopping on the sand.

Better still, is that as we get to herd immunity and the improving weather that means people are getting their life-giving vitamin D that helps combat covid, the justification for the most appalling propaganda deceit, at least since WWII if not in all history, is coming to an end. The covidiots can no longer justify their 24/7 bombardment of lies and distortions onto the public, they can no longer justify the censoring of all the information proving their illegal behaviour cannot be justified. Soon the public will begin getting the information they have been denied, and starting to ask the questions they have not been able to ask.

And then the criminals in Whitehall and SAGE are snookered! With the flop of the gene therapy, there is no way to justify their crime. They can no longer rely on their deceit to hide their lies and criminal activity. Human rights can no longer be treated like disposable face nappies to be tossed aside as unwanted rubbish.

The end is nigh for the covid criminals

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