50,000 deaths caused by lockup in the UK

For more than a year, we’ve had idiots telling us that there was no choice other than the illegal detention of the population of the UK: an illegal experimental medical treatment which blatantly infringes so many laws and treaties as to make the bind boggle, and that somehow the only way out of their illegal detention was to commit another crime: the illegal forcing of experimental genetic therapies on an uninformed public.

When Sweden peaked and showed us very clearly they were wrong, it should have been a matter of days before we followed Sweden to the lower end of the death count: instead and utterly insanely, they followed Belgium to the top of the league!

The only possible justification for that criminality would have been that if massively saved lives. But the results are in: we have now reached the end of the winter peak, the figures fell without any sign whatsoever that the therapy had had any benefit (because deaths did not fall disproportionately in those given the therapy earliest). And the result is that we now have 40% more deaths in the UK than the mild lockup of Sweden. That is 50,000 people whose lives could have been extended, even with a mild lock … yes only perhaps by a few months – but did they really have to die in social isolation with nothing to view but strangers in face masks afraid to treat them like humans?

The genetic therapy was a total flop, the lockup merely increased deaths, and the result is that millions of kids have had a wrecked education and now face a lifetime of poverty, the NHS has been destroyed with 5 year waiting lists that will not be going away soon, because the economy has been wrecked and the national debt increased at a faster and larger rate than occurred at least since WWII. And the unemployment rate is what? 5, 8 million? Because if you’re on furlough you are unemployed.

These criminals might think they can get away with it – because they have before. They might think that they can use the standard approach of hiring a rotten judge to whitewash the evidence and find them all “innocent” of every clear and provable charge. They might think they can pour “research” money into trusted academics who will all “find” the evidence to “prove” them innocent like they “found” the evidence to “prove” HCQ didn’t work. But there are far more politicians worldwide who need to show that their lighter approach than the insanity of the UK worked better, so there is no way the UK can hide the evidence this time with a whitewash “enquiry”. Nor with the internet can they manage the news and pretend nothing happened.

These murderers will not get away with it.

Why don’t lockups work? To use a simple analogy, in the 1970s, people who got a lot of money building flood defences convinced politicians to pour money into bigger and bigger defences against the inevitable floods. The result was a total disaster, because rather than stopping floods, all that happened, was that the flood found the weakest link in the chain, broke through and caused a MASSIVE flood in one area with devastating results.

Finally, politicians realised, that like the vaccine pushers, the flood defence pushers were leading them to an insane goal: flood defences that were impossibly large and extensive, that they inevitably got breached because they were too expensive to maintain.

The same is true of a lockup – it might sound a good idea, but the reality is that just as the flood finds a weak spot and will inevitably get through, so the virus will inevitably get to infect people no matter how they try to avoid it.

It was then realised, the way to stop a flood doing damage, was to BREAK OPEN the flood defences and let the flood out … to spread out where it did least damage on open farmland, so that there far less pressure on the vulnerable areas which could then be better defended because the overall flood was lower.

The same is true of an epidemic like this of a low-death rate easily spread virus. The best way to defend the vulnerable areas (the old with multiple conditions), is to let the virus spread where it does least damage (the young and fit). That builds up herd immunity which rapidly drops the scale of the epidemic, so it is far less damaging to those who are most at risk. We used to accept that was the way to manage epidemics – until a lot of evil people realised that there was a lot of money to be made from deluding people into thinking they needed “vaccines”.

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