Vile SNP

Until today Wikipedia, which has articles about the most ridiculously unnoteworthy people had no article about some woman who the SNP falsely decided was noteworth. And even today this is all we get:

Louisa Jordan was a Scottish nurse who tended to the troops in World War I. She died in 1915 in Serbia.

In 2020, it was announced that the NHS Louisa Jordan Hospital in Glasgow was to be named after her.

Note, that first line – the article that was there to today, was about a character from the film the 39 steps.

OK, every nurse deserves credit, but this woman clearly didn’t deserve the same credit as Florence Nightingale. I would be very surprised if she isn’t a relative of some senior SNP politician.

Yet again, this is simple anti-English racism by the SNP who can’t even admit that the British army has bailed them out for their utter lack of preparedness for CV19.

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