Sweden is peaking

I looked today at the Swedish figure and they look like they are peaking. That is the figures appear to be close to the point where they start coming down again.

Based on that, I would estimate they have as many deaths of perhaps as much as twice as many deaths to go. This puts Infection Fatality rate at 0.06%. If they have protected all the old and we have more or less slaughtered them (by sending CV19 patients to carehomes), then as half the cases are over 70, there may be as much as twice the total cases in the UK. That suggests the final UK figure will be about 0.12% which is at the extreme lower end of ALL the forecasts. That is about the same as flu. That means we obliterated centuries of human rights for a bug about as bad as flu.

The figures also suggests the UK have about 60,000 deaths to go so perhaps 10 -14 days to peak.


Absolutely f-ing stupid. It should have been lifted forĀ  everyone under 70 as soon as we saw the NHS wasn’t having problems. More importantly where we should have focussed the the PPE was not for the singing medics who daily insult us by abusing OUR equipment with the PPE which was supposed to be in short supply, but for home carers and those dealing with the old, not in order not to protect themselves, but to protect the old and vulnerable. But of couse, the selfish generationsĀ  were demaning the protection. That’s the generation for whom an absolutely miniscule risk to them means that they will grab the protection for those for whom it was all too often a life ending condition.

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