Dead Parrot talks: the end – admits EU commissioner

According to an article – itself reporting on the Guardian – an Eu dictator has declared that “Paris is final”. The Dead parrot talks are …well … the end. There is no plan B. When they fail, they fail for good. The parrot will be no one, it has gone to meet its maker. It is deceased.
What is most laughable is that he believes such an empty threat will have any other effect than to make the people of the world all the more keen to see these dead parrot talks fail.

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1 Response to Dead Parrot talks: the end – admits EU commissioner

  1. catweazle666 says:

    “Paris is final”.
    I disagree.
    It is absolutely certain that one matter of global importance will be decided.
    That is which five star resort will host the private jets and limousines that are essential to the next AGW piss-up, with its fortnight’s carbon footprint greater than the annual one of many industrial nations.
    Nice work…if you can get it.

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