Sun burns Anthers

Oh dear, oh dear! Anthers has blown a gasket over the Sun article. He starts:

The Sun appears to have some kind of competition called The Great British Sound Off which aims to find a great Sun columnist. One of the finalists is a 19 year old called George Harrison who’s piece is called give climate hotheads the (ice) cold shoulder …

He ends:

… about 15 minutes and is pretty much all I can be bothered doing. It wasn’t hard, but maybe simply making stuff up is easier than actually doing some background research

Which is a very apt appraisal of global warming research!
Anthers: a little bit of background research
Even for his blog, the comments on the article are boring. But two were notable. There is the disgusting vitriol:

Magma says:

The older contrarian twits are dying off. Perhaps the Sun is auditioning for their eventual replacements.

And one mildly humorous:

Tits aren’t confined to Page 3 hohoho, etc.
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2 Responses to Sun burns Anthers

  1. TinyCO2 says:

    Sore losers. They feel it all slipping away.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      It’s much much worse than you think!
      We sceptics have rhino thick skins and most of us will happily sit alone in a forum explaining the science hardly aware that we are alone. We are happy so long as we know we have the evidence on our side.
      But these guys are “consensuals”. They are extremely sensitive to their level of support. They crave group recognition – they have no self respect unless they are part of that “consensus”.
      So, for them, being one of an increasingly isolated and diminishing minority is the end of the world. And unlike us sceptics, who’ll fight it out alone so long as we have the evidence, they are compelled to follow the consensus. When one goes, they all have to go! The same “consensus seeking” character flaw that caused them to be alarmists, will also compel them to ditch alarmism when others start leaving.
      In other words, most of them have absolutely no staying power. When they think the consensus is breaking apart – they will just up sticks – ditch that “consensus” and go find some other daft issue when they can yet again feel they are part of the group “consensus”.

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