Warmist media – like fish trapped in fast drying up muddy pool

From http://shawnheflick.com

From http://shawnheflick.com

As I looked down the very familiar list of media outlets still pushing the IPCC nonscience, I noticed the same familiar names:
BBC, Guardian, Independent, National Geographic,ABC.
But as I posted before, this year it is almost exclusively these last diehards. But now they sound so desperate. I’ve not yet heard “this is our last warning of your last chance” yet, but I’m sure I will be reading it soon.
What these last few media outlets reminds me of, is those fish in the muddy puddles which have been entirely cut off from the mainstream by the drought. At some point they made a terribly bad decision which got them stuck in a rapidly disappearing pool with all the other fish who made such an equally poor choice.
They are not spouting the IPCC nonscience because they have any real choice, but because they tied themselves to the IPCC nonscience so firmly that they cannot get away from that stagnant pool.

In contrast, to the writhing wriggling mass of warmists desperate for someone to save them from their own choice of a muddy grave, we sceptics are having an easy time swimming in the mainstream.

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