IPCC report goes down like a Lead balloon

Whilst hearing another non-science report from a group of delusional academics on drugs grants cannot be welcomed by those who pay for this non-science and have to watch our idiotic politicians who so gullibly believe them, the good news is that as far as I can see this report has gone down like a lead balloon with the media.
Yes, the usual crackpot papers are regurgitating the same sickening bile.
But beyond the crackpot fringe heading toward bankruptcy like the UK independent, or those like the BBC who are only kept afloat by huge public subsidy, there appears to be almost no interest in this report.
The consensus view must be this news headline:

The world just got its final warning on climate change

The same “final warnings” we have heard year after year after dreary year from the IPCC such as this one in 2009:

Last week’s conference has been widely reported as one at which the world’s scientists delivered a “final warning” to negotiators about the necessity for a powerful political deal on climate. (BBC 2009 after Jokenhagen)

So, yes, this may well be the “final”, “final warning”, because when the boy who cries wolf yells wolf and no one listens, even he knows its pointless to keep yelling “this is my final warning”.

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