A personal request: please sign this petition

John is a friend from University where he was a first class physicist. Recently he was detained apparently for no medical reason.
He was not a danger to himself or others and they failed to come up with a diagnosis of illness. John even phoned me as he was being detained when I tried to explain that there was nothing wrong. But they would not believe me or John. Unfortunately, whilst I was deeply concerned at his treatment, I could not write about it unless or until he made it public.
Now, following his publication of a petition on 38degrees I am able to express my horror at the events that occurred albeit whilst trying not to go beyond the personal details he himself has made public.
The key part that will certainly worry any sceptic is the way authority figures have behaved in this case, because it is so similar to the whole way climate is treated. They ignore the evidence and instead characterised someone who disagreed with them, even about their own health, as being insane and therefore unfit to have a say.
It’s catch 22 – you are insane because you dispute the doctor who says you are insane.
The key part in the petition is this:

Unlike courts or police that rely upon solid evidence/facts these people (psychiatrists) have unfettered powers and operate on ‘opinion’ often bolstered by undoubtedly incorrect diagnostic ‘label’. A ‘patient’ is in no position to disagree. Any valid and correctly followed route of disagreement with them is regarded as ‘complaint’ liable to forcible medication/assault or even detention. Rules are not being adhered to or even given lip service. Medical ‘notes’ supposedly legal documents – are taken as fact whereas often fiction. Legal advice – effectively denied. You can call it ‘confirmation bias’ but it it is much sicker and much worse than that. These people are not of rational mind – and they could lock you up tomorrow should you disagree.

And, the only way to “prove” you are “sane” appears to be to ignore the evidence of your sanity and instead agree with the authority figure that something is “wrong” with you, then pretend to be “treated” and finally they may let you go once you have submitted to them. But like climate sceptics John is passionate about science and does not like agreeing to things that are not supported by any evidence.
That in my opinion as someone who has known John for many years, is the only reason he was detained for nearly a month!
Unfortunately, I can’t say how this detention without trial has affected him, nor what it has done to his employment prospect. But you can guess.
What I can say is that as far as I can see the details of the petition are correct and that there is a serious issue behind it. Apparently human rights such as the simple right not to be detained without reason are thrown out the window if you get labelled as being mentally ill.
Therefore, I would urge you to sign the petition.

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