Launch of my election campaign for UK parliament 2015

I have today worked out that one would only need £1100 to stand at next years election and that mean with funding I could stand against Jo Swinson, Lib Dem Minister so utterly pro global warming that my sides ache laughing listening to her.

Jo Swinson car crash interview with Andrew Neil (07Oct14)

The costs break down as follows:

  1. Deposit: £500 deposit (which as a sceptic I expect to lose)
  2. Leaflets: Whilst delivery is free, printing ~40,000  single side A5 leaflets to deliver to each household will cost around £500 to print
    Street posters: £100
    Website: A domain name and website can be secured for £30.

In addition I will need 10 signatures from people registered to vote in the constituency. I will obtain these by knocking on the doors of as many people as it takes (up to 40,000)
If however I want something suitably “sceptic” to go on the ballot paper, I will need to form a party. For this I will need:

  1. One other person willing to be an officer
  2. £150

However, whilst I can put in the time, I cannot put in the money. So I need £1000 of additional funding plus £150 if we form a party.
For this funding you will get:

  • 40,000 leaflets delivered to East Dunbartonshire, a commuter area around Glasgow which is filled with Scottish civil servants, journalists and other influential people.
  • The sceptic message on each ballot paper.
  • A say in the name of the party and the “description” that goes on the ballot paper.**
  • A say in the party emblem.**
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11 Responses to Launch of my election campaign for UK parliament 2015

  1. Drewski says:

    Count me out. We already have enough pseudo-intellectuals in Parliament already.

  2. Alexander K says:

    More power to your elbow!
    Best wishes for your endeavours, but as an OAP in New Zealand I cannot do much to help.

    • scottishsceptic says:

      Thanks, all donations will be gratefully received.
      Having already received some donations, on reflection, if I don’t achieve the required contribution I will use the money to print leaflets and hand deliver then. They will start with something like “From the candidate prevented from standing”.
      I will then point out that as a climate sceptic I have received no money since 2009 and that no one should be barred from standing for election because they do not have the personal money to stand.

  3. Gerry Byron says:

    Very best of luck.
    Does the officer have to come from your constituency?
    Have tried advertising your plan on Bishop Hill, to see what other local people might be able to help you?

    • scottishsceptic says:

      Thanks – strange, I’ve had internet problems for the last few days – the only people who need to come from the same constituency are the signatories

    • scottishsceptic says:

      Thanks – the only people who need to come from the same constituency are the 10 signatories.

  4. Gerry Byron says:

    My thought is that there should be a number of candidates in the ‘most ridiculous’ MP’s constituencies across the UK – You obviously have one ‘bagged’; and the candidates’ aim should be about projecting the truth and exposing the falsehoods of the Green Blob. That is about 6-10 seats and a central team to handle PR and provide central support etc.
    Your timing might be good – as a tactical suggestion I suggest the ‘Lights On’ Party – you would then garner plenty of Press attention when we have our little energy crisis over the winter…

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  6. stewgreen says:

    Jo Swinson is now as much as an MP as Mike is
    Seems Mike didn’t stand but I d on’t think he stood a real chance as his mandate would have been similar to UKIP who got 1%
    Scottish National Party, John Nicolson 22,093 40.3% +29.7%
    Liberal Democrat, Jo Swinson 19,926 36.3% -2.4%
    Labour, Amanjit Jhund 6,754 12.3% -21.8%
    Conservative Andrew Polson 4,727 8.6% -6.9%
    Green Party Ross Greer 804 total votes taken 1.5% +1.5%
    UKIP, Wilfred Arasaratnam 567 total 1.0% -0.1%

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      The scare only has traction when people discuss it and as none of the parties including the greens were talking about climate I didn’t see any benefit creating an issue of it.
      If I had stood, all I could achieve was to get the parties to reluctantly restate their support for the non-science climate policies which they formulated long ago but which they’ve not had time to ditch and would all rather forget about.

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