The Death of Kyoto and the lies about a replacement

On 31st December 2012, the sceptics won the war on global warming nonsense as the Kyoto protocol commitment faded into history as it ended without any realistic prospect of a replacement.
However, the world was lied to. We were told that a magical fairy had come along, created a magical replacement called “Doha” and that somehow the magical mystery bus of global warming nonsense was still merrily trundling onlong on its acid trip.
Well coming up to two years after Kyoto died, can you name a single country that has committed to this replacement:

Name the countries that are delusional about global warming.

Name the countries that believe in the global warming scam.

Oops, I should have said. It’s not the grey countries or the white. Look carefully – those aren’t greenflies on your monitor. They are actually the “overwhelming” support for the supposed replacement to Kyoto which we were told came into force on the 31st December two years ago.

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