Scotland had coldest summer in 14 years

Data covering 1 June to 29 August show that the average temperature was 11.8C, compared with an average of 12.8C last year. (Scotsman)
UK summer the coolest for 18 years Met Office says average temperature was 13.6C (Guardian)
ONE of our coldest summers ever has been followed by the coldest August in 25 years.
Following an “unspectacular summer” of the coldest June in nearly 40 years and the coldest July in 50 years, this month is now one of the coldest since records began in 1851.(Irish Independent)

I knew it was cold!

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2 Responses to Scotland had coldest summer in 14 years

  1. Douglas DC says:

    Cool Summer in NE Oregon too. NOAA’s hoping that the current warm spell we are having will
    at least pull us to near normal so the Hansen Fudge Factor can be applied..

  2. Stonyground says:

    It was anounced along with a caption that it had been the coldest summer since 1997 on a regular weather forecast on breakfast TV. I don’t recall which channel but we usually watch the BBC one, also I’m not sure if this was a reference to our local area or the whole of the UK. Another phrase to watch out for on regular weather broadcasts is, “Temperature about average for the time of year” bit of a give-away that as in not “Temperature just a little hotter than average for the time of year, as we would expect given that climate change is happening”
    I would have thought that solar variations would be the most likely cause of past ice ages. The alternative would seem to be some kind of cycle of positive feedback such as snow not melting and reflecting more sunlight leading to a gradual build-up of unmelted snow reflecting even more sunlight etc. The problem with this explanation is that, at some point this process has to go into reverse, is there a plausible hypothesis as to how this could happen?

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