Are we on the verge of an eco-world war?

It was as I looked at the SUVs on the the dual carriageway in Tripoli, that I suddenly realised this could be the state of British cities within my lifetime: fairly typical cars seen on any British road, adapted with a bid of welding to carry a machine gun, anti-tank gun or rocket grenade.
I was brought up to visualise war in terms of muddy fields of tanks with planes flying overhead. This was something entirely new: warfare at 50mph with hastily prepared equipment. This wasn’t Mad Max, it wasn’t some nuclear holocaust, it is a new kind of warfare. I couldn’t help wonder what it would be like if all those Africans and Arabs who have had to put up with the hypocrisy of the West, just took it into their mind one day to modify their cars this way, get on the motorway and drive into “Europe”. What’s stopping such a mass invasion? Could it ever happen? We’ve already seen piracy return to the high sees hundreds of miles from Africa. International shipping is being seized at the point of the gun and huge money being extorted. Why wouldn’t that kind of thing extend to seizing goods, people, products on land?
In a sense, we have already seen the beginning of “land piracy” in the riots. Hoards of lawless people immune from the law walking off with their booty. And what are our political elite spending their time on? Boosting the economy through support for manufacturing? Reducing the mad rates of tax on energy that have driven every energy intensive industry out of the UK? Getting rid of the elf and safety madness and compensation culture that means no sane producer will set up in the UK? No! They continue with the madness of trying to stop the tides climate change!
It must have been very similar in Germany before WWII. Sensible, sane people will have looked on at the insanity of the Nazi party and thought: “sooner or later someone will do something to stop their madness”.
But if we think such thoughts now we are ignoring the lessons of history. When political elites control the news media (BiasedBroadcastingCompany), when they control the intelligentsia (look at all the greenwashes of the academics and the total failure to uphold ethical standards), when they have the capitalists entranced by the lure of billions on costly government projects to “save the reich”, what can ordinary people do?
The real problem is just as Germans were not entirely unsympathetic to the treatment of Jews, so the Western populace isn’t entirely unsympathetic to the message that fossil fuels are destroying us. Do we really like a society where large numbers of us spend our time locked up in fossil fuel guzzling cars with nothing more to do than listen to the Biased Broadcasting Company going on about how car use is destroying society and the planet? Surely there must be something better? Surely we can have our cake and eat it? Surely we can have an advanced fossil fuel economy without fossil fuels … and without Jeremy Clarkson?
I’ve spoken before about “auto-immune” diseases of society … where society turns in upon itself and sees itself as the enemy. Similarly I see the hatred of fossil fuels in advanced¬† modern (fossil fuel) society as another auto-immune response. Western society is literally attempting to destroy the economic foundation on which it is built. Particularly rabid in the principality of the Biased Broadcasting Company, industry is now seen as “dirty”, energy using industry particularly evil. That’s the main reason every steel maker foundry, car producer and other heavy industrial producer left the “Elf and safety” UK. That’s why we don’t even produce those birdmincers they litter our landscape with.
We have already seen an entirely foreseeable banking crisis (it was commonly discussed outwith government years before) we have seen a marked increase in fossil fuel costs, in commodity prices in energy prices (largely from covert green taxes) and those have all fed through to higher food prices. We are now seeing everything go up except … the mainstay of the Biased Broadcasting Company’s “the future is always rosy” … house prices are coming down. We have already seen riots in the UK … again these were entirely predictable: high unemployment, rising costs and continued immigration driving down wages and living standards leaving those affected with little sympathy with British society and particularly the political elite who are now despised amongst a growing class of young adults.
The very kinds of industry that would employ the young disenfranchised youth are those the anti-industry Biased Broadcasting Company/eco-alliance wants to remove from the UK.
OK, that will make us poorer, but another lesson from WWII, is that it was the industrial base and particularly control of energy sources like oil for the military machinery which the British and their allies relied on to win WWII. In other words: industrial might = military might. Industrial might = military might = political might.
So, who are the economic giants now? China! And what do we have left in this country? Banking! Now, you’ll forgive me if I am a little shaky on modern warfare, but how on earth do you produce weaponry from banks? How do you produce transportation to import all the food we need from banks? How do banks create an army of tanks, etc.
Oh … but I forget. China is of course a third world nation and the advanced military hardware of the UK will be the match for any third world country. And where is almost every bit of advanced electronic equipment now built?
So, we have thrown away our industrial might, we have given away our advanced technology manufacturing, we have turned ourselves into a nation of bankers and then robbed the bank to live a life of o’reilly and then when the pot is dry and our economy is ruined we turn to China and demand: YOU TOO MUST RUIN YOUR ECONOMY TO ENSURE THAT YOU TOO ARE “SAVING THE WORLD” (like we have been doing for the last centuries)
And we think they don’t laugh at us! The west has no more credibility on fossil fuel use than some drunken priest preaching on abstinence. But that will not them preaching, it will not stop our demented political elite demanding that the advancing economies join our economic retreat Nor will it stop our political elite believing that “our advanced technological weapons can defeat any nation” … and what will they do when they are rightly ignored? Threaten:


WWIII is just so inconceivable
Yes! And that is why I think it is a real possibility. And it may not be the obvious, it may not be the advancing nations like China, but the multitudes of disaffected in Africa. Food prices are rising, quite literally the “cost of living” is becoming too high and many are dying. Faced with the choice of dying in Africa or invading Europe what would you choose?
Just as it was “inconceivable” that the Euro would fall apart (but economically inevitable) so,¬† I think we delude ourselves when we think WWIII is inconceivable. Here’s some simple facts to think about:
China is now very economically active in Africa, it is now a world player on the fossil fuel markets. In our naivety, we may think that Libyans will give us and uk special treatment for our assistance in freeing them, but they are just as likely to sign a massive deal with China leaving the people who paid for the “liberation” of Libya with the oil scraps. And why not any of the other oil producing states … after all China now has all our money and what have we to offer except our bankers?
As I said, egged on by the Biased Broadcasting Company, we have been actively destroying our industrial base for more than a generation by endless repetition on the mantra:

science good …. industry dirty.

We are now a nation bereft of an industrial base, indebted to the Arabs who have been supplying us oil and the Chinese who have been supplying us our manufactured goods. And what do we have left? Universities full of academics with the merest hold of reality besotted with political campaigns on the eco-climate who in many fields have singularly failed to develop much of any benefit to anyone for the last few decades.
The simple fact is that the Western countries are now so indebted that we literally cannot afford to maintain the military spending which is the necessary mainstay of the only remaining industrial base we have left: weaponry. Not only does this mean that these companies must sell their weaponry to potential adversaries of future wars, but it also means that military companies in places like China will have an economic advantage with higher budgets from their own governments whose economic might means they can afford to spend (our) money and so it’s only a question of time before their consequential rapid development of weaponry leaves them more advanced militarily than the west.
The lunatics have taken over the asylum
In a real sense the lunatics have taken over. The anti-nuclear, anti-weaponry, anti-industrial, anti-advanced economy nutters now control government policy. Pragmatism and simple common sense is dead … the lunatics are in charge!
Given the huge industrial might of china and their massive population and political system I doubt we could win a war now even if we tried. In a few decades the way things are going, there will be no doubt. But that will not stop the delusional political elites who rule our country continuing to destroy our economy as they continue to demand that places like China join their suicidal path.
There was that phrase about a labour party manifesto:

“the longest suicide note in history”.

But that is just what the global warming eco-lunacy is … it is the wilful intent to destroy our modern advanced economy. And it is those who have cynically benefited most: the intellectuals in their (public paid) universities, the Biased Broadcasting Company in their (public paid) propaganda ministry, the politicians in their (expenses paid) ‘jobs’, the civil servants in their millions … it is this publicly paid “elite” (dimwits more like) who owe their wealth to the previous industrial wealth generated by UK industry which now so actively seeks to destroy the industrial economy which nurtured them.
When good men just stand aside
The sickening thing, is that I’m a hypocrite and I know it. I know if I were in Nazi Germany prior to WWII, I hope I would have been speaking out about the same lunacy infecting that country and then … when no one listened, like all the other decent people, I would have left the ignorant masses to their fate … hopefully before the internment camps.
I watched as the UK entered the banking crisis just like watching a car crash in slow motion. It was obvious several years before the crash, but the groupthink of the UK political elite just couldn’t see it.
Likewise, I warned years ago about the rising costs of oil and the knock on effects on food prices, and did they listen? No! The groupthink on “global warming”, meant they literally could not envisage a world where there was too little fossil fuel.
Is WWIII a realistic possibility? Just because I correctly predicted the banking crisis and the impact of higher oil, doesn’t mean I’m right about WWIII, but it does mean that our political elite haven’t the slightest clue what they are doing. Like the banking crisis and the fossil fuel price crash, so if WWIII is going to happen it will happen and there isn’t much any of us can do to stop it.
Groupthink is like that. And for a variety of structural reasons, our political system is particular prone to groupthink … governments seek the advice they want to hear, they commission the advice they want to hear, they pay for the advice they want to hear, and so they always hear what they want to hear. So, heaven help anyone mad enough to approach government with a view contrary to their groupthink!
At the heart of this UK groupthink is the Biased Broadcasting Company. It doesn’t question government policy in any meaningful way, instead it is a mouthpiece of the political elite (of all parties) seeking to re-enforce the view of the political elite (of which the BBC is part). Behind this groupthink culture is the academics who nurture this pro-science anti industry culture which the BBC feed off and by its endless propaganda supporting the consensus and endless vitriol against those who question their consensus, they have built a delusional groupthink culture in the UK which leads us down endless social and economic blind alleyways.
Britain is in the shite, we are going down and even if the smell is repulsive, I suggest you take a deep breath before we go right under!

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6 Responses to Are we on the verge of an eco-world war?

  1. futureboy says:

    I think the use of SUVs with attached machine guns, as well as young men jumping into the middle of the street and spraying the neighbournood with automatic riflle shots, fired from the hip is not so much the future of warfare as a sign of how inept the rebels in Libya are & how much the whole thing is show biz rather than war.
    One guy able to shoot straight, lying down, with a an ordinary rifle could take out such SUVs or hip firers until he ran out of ammo, with very little risk of any of them accidentally hitting him. Indeed I strongly suspect that is what is happening.
    If you were looking for an effective modern home made weapon I would suggest a radio controlled model aircraft carrying some bacteriological agent manufactured by a sixth year studies class.

    • Futureboy, just as you quote the WWI machine gun as altering trench warfare, so the blitzkrieg of WWII totally overturned that Paradigm literally circumnavigating the obstacle of the trenches. Likewise, when it comes to modern “city warfare” I can see that the fast manoeuvrable and almost “hidden in the mass” SUV could be pretty decisive.
      As for the “radio controlled aircraft”. A far more potent weapon would be a solar powered aircraft with practically unlimited range carrying a small payload to a location determined by GPS.
      How many such aircraft can you shoot down? Even if you distinguish them from a flock of birds? The first thing anyone may know of such an attack is the sight of hundreds even thousands of such aircraft gently making their way along the Thames and into the houses of parliament, together with every other ministry. Individually the effect would be small, but collectively …
      The real irony would be if such an attack of aircraft moving at say 10mph were to take out advanced aircraft going hundreds of miles an hour. How? They just sit in the clouds waiting for them to land!

  2. futureboy says:

    Bullets hitting a crowd of SUVs do not do less damage than those hitting one. You may be right about such planes but I was thinking of the sort of stuff that can be produced by small groups in developed countries (or semi-developed) using off the shelf technology.

  3. Chuckles says:

    A Handbook of 3rd World Conflicts Tech Jargon – A vehicle modified in such a manner is called a ‘technical.’
    Not sure why all the ravening hordes would want to come to the UK though. The climate and prospects are probably much better staying where they are.

  4. Douglas DC says:

    In NE Oregon we call’em Huntin’ rigs…..
    Gunrack,Dogs, 300H&H deer/elk/bear rifle.
    AR-15 for plinkin'(Semi-Auto M-16)…
    We have that Second Amendment thingy here…

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