Some of my favourite videos

Henrik Svensmark: The Cloud Mystery (1 of 6 = ~1hr)



Short animation – the Cosmic Climate Connection



Prof. Dr. Nir Shaviv Präsentation on cosmic rays.



Prof. Dr. Vincent Courtillot Präsentation on climate records



Prof. Dr. Bob Carter Präsentation on geological climate record



Monckton presentation in St. Paul



Monckton/Canada – Climategate: FRAUD & HOAX!!
(1/5 ~45mn)



Monckton: The Climate Change Con



Climategate ‘hide the decline’ explained by Berkeley professor Richard A. Muller



Climategate song


Roy Spencer: Why The Global Warming Agenda Is Wrong



George Carlin on Global Warming



10:10 warmist Video


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4 Responses to Some of my favourite videos

  1. Thats an excellent list.
    Here are some more videos on my YouTube channel

    • Tusind tak!
      … having learnt Danish a while ago, I much appreciated the Danish subtitles!
      Is there any chance of getting a copy on a DVD and permission to carpet bomb it to a few politicians?

      • I wouldn’t think they would spend the time to watch a science documentary that appears to be contradictory to the formation of all these environmental tax generating policies that are based around political advocacy of the week science supporting the same environmental tax generating policies. It’s a joke!!
        Maybe C4 will make and show an updated version of “The Cloud Mystery” in light of Svensmarks work being confirmed by CERN.
        I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting on the BBC they’d just look like they’ve been wasting tax/licence payers time in promoting a theory of a man made climate driven change, and therefore look like the ship o’ fools they really are. Ha Ha!

  2. TheTempestSpark, I think I’ve got a good enough relationship with at least one MP to get them to watch the DVD. I just think a DVD is much more likely to be watched than a link to youtube. It’s having something physical which they put into a machine … it gives it that added kudos, and it shows that the sender has taken the time and energy to engage with the politician which I think they will appreciate.

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