UEA – Digging Themself a Deeper Hole.

Steve McIntryre is continuing his pressure on the University of East Anglia on the Muir Russell inquiry. The University are trying to suggest there was no contract between the University and Muir Russell, suggesting instead it was an Public appointment, apparently unaware that such public appointments must be done to a strict code of conduct including independent review.

The University does not consider that there was a contractual relationship with Sir Muir Russell or the inquiry team; it was by way of a public appointment (as is commonplace in these circumstances).

This is frankly an absurd position to hold. The University instructed Muir Russell, Muir Russell agreed, and the gave him a consideration (money). That is a legal contract and to suggest otherwise highlights the overall poor standard of advice the University is getting.
Why on earth they don’t just comply with FOI requests is beyond me. There’s no question that sooner or later they will have to comply, and every time they make up some new excuse to try to wriggle out of their legal obligation, all they do is make themselves look more and more foolish.

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