"If we continue as we are …"

When the history of the global warming scam is written up, there will be one phrase that comes to sum up the arrogance of those involved:

if we continue to burn fossil fuels as we are, the world will warm by …

Hidden in that simple assertion is a very nasty assumption. To understand this, we have to start with the conclusion: in the absence of carbon reduction policies the world would continue to consume fossil fuel causing the world to warm (based on a bit of science and a lot of exaggerated pseudo-scientific claims). So, the only thing which could possibly stop the consumption of fossil fuel was the acceptance of carbon reduction policies.
To understand this, we simply have to turn the assertion on its head to find the real subliminal message: “if you can accept a small rise in average global temperature, you can continue to burn fossil fuel “as you are”.
So, it was a great deal of amusement that I read in the Guardian today the story “Our addiction to oil is draining every last drop

Having taken oil for granted for decades, the global economy has failed to prepare for its absence. A bleak future awaits

What hypocrites! The Guardian has been leading the “there’s so much oil that the only problem is too much of it” eco-propaganda, and now they expect us to watch their 180degree U-turn and take them seriously?

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