Preparing for Nuclear War II

Last year I started looking into what was needed to prepare for a nuclear war. In part, this was because my analysis of history indicated that large “revolutions” in information, usually led to periods of appalling behaviour such as the Witch trials and the various atrocities of Hitler, Stalin Mao in the early 20th century.

The purpose of this article, is to explain, what I believe to be a realistic scenario, and to start to think about what we as individuals can do to prepare. Key to that preparation, is having a concept of what “survival” looks like. Because unless we both believe a nuclear war is possible and also believe surviving is feasible, there doesn’t appear to be much point preparing.

Why believe me? Because as a physicist I understand the impacts of nuclear, and as someone researching survival, I have looked into survival techniques. And last year I started, not by looking at a survival book, or worse a prepping site, but by looking at what had been successful strategies during other emergencies. Not just 20th century, but going way back into history. Does that mean I will be right? Probably not, but I would hope to be less wrong than the vast bulk of other people writing on the subject.

As history is our best predictor of the future, and as nuclear war seems to be on the table right now, it looks very likely, given the current behaviour of politicians, that we will end in nuclear war. It’s a terrible thing to say, and I could be wrong, but I’ve not yet seen anything to suggest the necessary sanity to prevent such an atrocity is returning. (We still have the utter madness of “net zero”, the most costly public policy ever … which is unlikely to do anything for the climate. We saw the insanity of locking up the country and closing down the NHS, for a bug that was not a lot worse than flus we see every ten years. And now Ukraine. Common sense seems to have departed politics … and that seems to be heading us towards nuclear war)

So, unless things improve, we should expect a nuclear war as more likely than not. Or perhaps the “atrocity” is something else entirely … the only way to tell what the actual threat may be, is a time machine, something which I do not have.

But, it does seem that we ought to start preparing. I’m still struggling with that. The concept that we ought to prepare for something so terrible … surely it can’t happen … but people thought the same about Hitler, and they no doubt also thought “it can’t happen”, they thought the same about Mao, about the witch trials. They can and do happen. It is a matter of fact they can and do happen, and if, as seems to be the case, this is the time that another one is likely to happen, then the rational thing to do is to prepare.

How to prepare

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Preparing for Nuclear war

I read today a press release that suggests NATO may issue an invitation to Ukraine to join NATO. In other words, it will go against its own article that any country that joins NATO must be at peace.

My prediction, if this happens, is that Russia will simply ignore the move by NATO. (It will see as just another empty threat after a series of empty threats) Instead, it will continue prosecuting the war in Ukraine. Based on the stupidity of all bureaucracies, who once set on a policy, cannot then turn back from the brink, I then predict having set themselves on a course of stopping Russia by threatening to make the Ukraine conflict a NATO conflict, that when Russia ignores them, that NATO will then speed up the process of Ukraine joining. As Russia will keep ignoring them, it could mean that within days, Ukraine will join NATO. Given the boneheads in our own “government”, that will then mean the UK, will be at war with Russia.

Whereupon, having already sent much of NATO’s equipment to Ukraine to be destroyed, the bunch of bonehead politicians who are intent on regime change in Russia, facing the world’s best army and with no way to climb down and nothing left to threaten Russia with except nuclear war, NATO will issue just such a threat.

And I’m sure Russia has foreseen that and is ready with its own response.

That means we could very rapidly go from an “invitation” to Ukraine, to full blown nuclear war with Russia deciding it is in its strategic interest to strike first.

My advice is that, if Nato issues such an invitation to Ukraine, that it would be reasonable to urgently finalise & make concrete your preparations for nuclear war.

What do preparations for nuclear war look like?

Good question!

There is a lot that can be done to massively improve your chances of survival. I will be very happy to discuss them with anyone for a fee.

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Let the woke go first … to distract the lions

I realised today, that my motives for keeping quiet and keeping a low profile, may not be that altruistic.

The woke, in all sorts of ways, are pushing us toward a disaster. It might seem sensible to try to stop them, but I’ve lost interest in stopping them.

To use an analogy, I’ve stopped trying to tell most people the Titanic is sinking. That no longer has any purpose. Instead, I’m now focussing on the people who know the boat is sinking, who look like useful people to have on the lifeboat, but most of all I want to ensure the woke keep up their delusion long enough that they are still denying the undeniable long enough that they don’t grab my place on the lifeboat.

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Is woke falling apart?

With the climate madness now hitting the buffers of reality, fewer and fewer people are thinking that the woke climate agenda is the future for them. With Black Lives Matter and its racist agenda of splitting the world into those who matter and those who don’t, now a dirty word for the way most money was creamed off. With the reality of Russia winning in Ukraine, as the lies of the media hit the buffers of yet another failed Ukrainian offensive and the simple fact that all the western media lies are doing, is to discredit the west in the eyes of the rest of the world. Woke is no longer working.

It seems it really was a fashion. A fashion, that is here yesterday, going tomorrow. No doubt like safety pins in the noses, in 40 years time there will be some decrepit old person who still refers to themselves and “they” and demands to be treated not as a woman, nor man, but as a blob sex in the middle, but like aging hippies of previous generations, they will be smiled at, rather than taken seriously.

The reality is that Russian is winning the war because of three things:

  1. It’s own manufacturing industry, with control over its own raw materials
  2. Abundant and cheap fossil fuels
  3. A homogenous society where men are valued for being men and heroism is an asset not something to be squashed as in the west.

All these were wiped out by the woke agenda. A woke agenda, which I’ve no doubt that Russia and China helped spread in the west … for exactly the reason that all three are needed to fight a war with Russia and China. And, now the reality, whether they like it not (they don’t), is that without nurturing our own industry, having our own cheap and abundant fossil fuels, and without a society where men are valued and fit to be heroes … the west can never win a war. And, now the rest of the world know the west are really wimps who cannot stand up to Russia or China, and so the bully power of the west to force its banks and values on the rest of the world is disappearing.

And, without forcing the rest of the world to bank with the west, where a massive percentage is creamed off to sustin the western elites in the manner they demand, the west is going to be destroyed economically. And, that is the end of western power (but that will take up to a century).

The future

The world is quickly becoming dominated by China and Russia. The US, once all powerful, is quickly losing its power. The dollar is soon going to be diminished as a global currency, probably only really significant in “the west” … the area  which still allows its media to be controlled by US corps … who then sell the viewers to the highest bidder for their brainwashing. Russia is going to dominate, not because of power, but through influence and support … a totally alien concept in the west! China will dominate by the mere fact of its size and demand for resources. But India, Brasil, etc. are going to be as influential as the EU. As for the UK … I think playing second fiddle whilst being screwed by the US and pandering to every woke cause and being seeing as a deluded paranoid hypochondriac … is not going to do a lot for the UK’s reputation. But I can see it solving the immigration problem … as all the immigrants start realising that the UK is not a good prospect and that economic prosperity lies elsewhere.

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Kiev’s failed offensive

The supposed USraine offensive started a few days ago. I’m not sure when, because like a cold it didn’t just start, but began trickling out. And, it’s not like it wasn’t long awaited. It’s almost the height of the summer, and this was supposed to be a “spring” offensive!

I knew there were problems the first day of the supposed “offensive”, because the posts saying it had started were not matched by any other posts giving any details. And, so, I went back a couple of times to try to work out whether I had missed something.

To put it simply, apart from the posts that were saying the offensive had begun, there wasn’t much that would lead me to believe that something major was happening. Yes, a few more disasters for USraine, but I’ve grown very used to seeing that now.

Then the dam broke … literally. As a sceptic,. I’m not saying “USraine did it”, but as there seems to be almost no benefit for the Russians, and the USrainians are glotting about it, … well it’s quite clear they believe they did it. Why? To create a distraction from the failed offensive. Which, shows how absolutely abysmal it has been.

Is it a bluff?

Are USraine trying to pretend that this is all they have, and then there’s this massive army waiting in the wings to produce some triumphal “victory” as claimed by the lying controlled western brainwashing “media”. Does it matter? The very fact they resorted so quickly to blowing the dam, shows how appalling the “offensive” has been.

Anyone who is in control of when and where an offensive is, and that usually wouldn’t be the enemy, is going to have an advantage on the first days. It should have been easy for USraine to flood the media with claims of “victory” for a few days, but they couldn’t even achieve that very short appearance of winning.

Even for a bluff, it’s a complete utter failure.

Where from here?

Russia & China have been preparing for this war for decades. There has been an enormous amount of groundwork creating the woke agenda in the west that makes western countries so impotent.

USraine, is strategically important to Russia, but I don’t see it sacrificing all the work it has put in to undermine the west for the sake of a small bit of USraine.

So, I think there is a much bigger agenda. The biggest impact on the west, would be to destroy the dollar as the de facto trading currency, and that is a much greater prize than a small bit of USraine filled with Russian hating fascists.

So, the bigger picture is the global realignment of countries away from the west and toward China and Russia.

However, that still leaves the west as a very dangerous enemy, one that may just wake up to the way its been manipulated by the woke agenda to basically implode in on itself to the benefit of Russia and China.

So I do feel that they have bigger plans for us. And our politicians are like lambs going to the slaughter, believing they are the ones doing the slaughtering.

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Alice in Wokeland.

For many years I’ve fought against the insanity of anti-science climate extremism. But, now I’m rather happy, that I didn’t succeed, or at least, in the insanity of a world where the US and UK are now attacking Russia, it is the insanity of the Climate Extremists, who are making it impossible for the insane people running the US and UK to prosecute their insane war against the Russian Federation.

Russia was funding climate extremism in the west, just in the same way as the Soviet Union funded the unions who destroyed our coal and heavy industry. I knew from the moment I found out that Russia was funding our cliamte extremists, that this was an attack on the west, but what I did not know, was that they were responding to the west who were planning to attack Russia. Russia was laying the groundwork of its defences through a variety of programs, including climate, that undermined the west’s ability to successfully prosecute a war against the Russian Federation. And, it has been a tremendous success (and in the unlikely event anyone from the Kremlin reads this: well played! You deserve your victory!)

It’s rather bizarre: I now look at all the things I utterly detest about the west, and I realise that almost all of them have undermined the west’s ability to wage war with Russia and China. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

So, in the madness of the western elite wanting to start a nuclear war with Russia and China, the only thing that makes them hold back, is the utter calamnity of the woke, alarmist, paranoic culture that the wetern “elite” have created. For example, all those transgender US generals who are so putting off young men from joining the US military: they are the ones stopping WWIII and nuclear armageddon. I never saw that coming!

Of course, I could ask the question: “If Russia and China had not interfered so much in Westeren culture to create the woke calamnity we now have, would the west have still been so insane as to go to war with Russia?” But, like the Russian and Chinese elite, I’m not sure how this Alice in Wokeland culture of the west would have behaved without them. The Furthermore, the Russians and Chinese, would have only helped the woke culture flourish and guided it toward their own ends, but fundamentally I think its roots are very western.

Which, leaves me wondering: should I actually start supporting the climate extremists nuts? Should I even support woke?

yours Alice?

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Global Temperature still not doing anything

A while back I started using the concept of the “Data python” to explain how a small amount of data gives a lot of wriggle room, but as the data python grows, the amount of wriggle rooms reduces and reduces.

Unfortunately, that concept can’t deal with data that is deliberately tampered with or e.g. satellites that are under the control of NASA who in the past has shown a willingness to forge data on climate. So, with that proviso, what does the UAH data produced by Roy Spencer show us?

The simple answer is: not a lot. It neither supports catastrophic runaway warming, nor could anyone say it is currently cooling. Instead it is consistent with the normal natural variation that we see in the climate record, which often shows apparent trends of warming or cooling.

In other words, given the fact there are no trends in extreme weather and no support for a determination of “emergency” and given the above really doesn’t show anything concerning, in an evidence based world, most people wouldn’t even know about global temperature let alone rate climate as an issue.

But, at least it doesn’t show cooling! Indeed, I rather hope that it never shows cooling in mine, or my children’s or my grandchildren’s time. Because cooling could signify the beginning of the next ice-age. And, if you think the global warming nutters are insane, just you wait till we get the “the next ice-age is coming” nutters.

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The bizarrest incident

I’ve been on social media where supporters of Russia and Zelensky often engage in the most hostile disputes, yet peace seems to have broken out. Over what? The bogus charges against Trump. They all seem to agree that the changes are bogus. So, for a short while the hostilities of Ukraine have been forgotten and peace has broken out.

It is a little bit bizarre.

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The end of dollar dominance

It has been obvious to me for a while, that Russia’s response to the US aggression against the people of Donbas was not primarily military. The US, or at least some people in power in the US, envisaged that a humiliating defeat for Putin would enable them to install yet another US-controlled puppet leader in Russia. Their only purpose for the mass death in Ukraine was to achieve that humiliating defeat of Putin and put to an end, the only country still able to stand up to US aggression. That would allow them to plunder Russian oil and other assets as they did to Iraq, are doing to Syria and have done to many many other countries. What was going to happen to Russia was also going to be a message to every other country that might think of escaping the control of the US.


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The fallacy of wind ever being “economic”

The theory of Enerconics tells us that:

An economy is a means to turn energy into things that are useful or of value.

This is completely at odds with traditional economics which views energy as just another commodity. The big difference, is that Enerconics recognises that an economy is constrained by energy supply, and that the key fundamentals are how much energy we can get for a day’s worth of work and how much utility and value we can create from each unit of energy.

The problem with wind “power” is that it doesn’t do anything to increase energy supply, nor does it do anything to increase the productivivty of the economy (in terms of utily from energy). Instead, it reduces energy supply, or to be more specific, it reduces the average amount of energy that any individual can afford … which we see as either rising energy prices, or reducing incomes.

The fallacy of green=gullible thinking

The way the green=gullible brigade think is this: because wind is “free” (so too is coal, oil etc,), because it is free, they believe the cost of wind does not increase due to wider economic factors … like the cost of energy. So, they imagine that if they deliberately increase the price of fossil fuels, that the cost of wind, whilst startinbg high, will remain the same and become less expensive than fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, the truth is that all energy is “free”. Coal is “free” in the ground … we only need to pay to dig it up. So wind is “free” in the air, we only need to pay to harvest it. So too is wood, oil, solar, …. they are all free, until we take acount of the price of the means to turn that energy source into something of utility.

And, what affects the cost of turning it into something useful to us? Overwhelmingly it is the price of energy. Specificially, the price of all that energy used to turn iron-ore into iron (and to power the homes, the schoools, to make the clothers, grow the food of those involved in the mining, production, transport, installation, etc. of wind). So, if the price of energy rises, then the price of wind “energy” also rises, so that if it starts higher than other fuels, it continues to remain higher, even when the price of other fuels increases.

Now, I’m not entirely ruling out secondary effects. Energy is the single most important constraint affecting the cost, but it isn’t the only one. So, other things could become a factor at very high costs. But, the idea that wind “energy” will just stay the same price as energy prices rise, is a total fallacy.

I’ll end with a quote from Net Zero Watch:

“The belief in falling wind power costs is the central foundation of the government’s Net Zero enterprise, and it is demonstrably false. The absurdity of current Net Zero plans is now exposed for all to see.” 

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