Breaking the law of thermodynamics (energy only moves from hot to cold)

It is commonly cited by those who do not understand thermodynamics that IR energy (which they falsely call heat) can only move from a hot to a cold body.

Life is too short to try to explain why IR energy is not heat, heat is energy that is randomly spread through a defined system. IR energy is electro-magnetic energy in a specific band. The two overlap, but they are not the same …

So, first lets rewrite what we’re disproving in meaningful scientific terms from “heat only flows” to “IR only flows from a hot to a cold” and this is what I will prove is untrue.

Thought Experiment

Imagine two planetoids one hotter than the other. Each orbits a massive body with the same orbital period and the other body is so massive that one planetoid can only see the other for approximately half its orbit. Now imagine that the distance apart is such that in the time the light travels that distance, the planet has move 1/4 of its orbit. Now imagine that planet A, is 1/4 of an orbit ahead of planet B.

As Planet A comes around to the “right” side of its larger body, planet B is still 1/4 of an orbit behind on the “dark” side. But, by the time the light from planet A, planet B is just entering the “light side”. So all the light from A, arrives at B.

But now if we view the light from B. When B enters the “light” side, planet A which is 1/4 cycle ahead. But, by the time the light from B reaches A, planet A is entering the dark side of its larger sibling and as such, during the whole time planet B is emitting light, it arrives when A is blocked.

So, all the light from A heats planet B, but none of the light from B heats planet A. As such irrespective of the temperature IR (heat) energy only goes in one direction, from A->B. So, if A is colder than B, energy moves from cold to hot.

Disproving Heat only flows from hot to cold

Thought experiment: imagine many pairs of objects, one of the pair hotter than the other. We now bring them into contact so slightly that only one atom/molecule of each pair touch.

Statistically, more heat will flow from the hotter of the pair to the cold, but because heat is randomly distributed in a hot object, in some pairs, the atoms that touch will be colder than typical in the hot and warmer than typical in the cold, and therefore heat will flow from the cold to the hot.

How did I break the law? It was simple. Heat is ONLY a statistical property of a group of atoms or interactions, and I imposed a situation where there was only a single interaction. As such it is no longer “heat”, but instead is a form of energy or work. That is because heat is not a description of energy, but instead is a description of the statistics of energy distribution within a system. If it can’t be said to be statistically distributed or “on average this happens”, then the term “heat” is no longer appropriate.

Final Thoughts

Rather than planetoids, it should be possible to get matter which is spinning in some form which is only sensitive to light at certain phases of the spin. As such, it might be possible to align all the molecules and separate them at 1/4 of the spin cycle and offset the spin in each by 1/4 to break the law of thermodynamics.

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What happened? The revolution cometh!

If there was an agreement for an election, it wasn’t on Monday … or more likely the lying deceptive, dishonest, anti-democrats of Labour reneged.

Scum Politicians

All our politicians are lying scum. Some blatantly lied when they promised to take us out the eUnion, others lied by saying they’re for democracy.

  • Lib Democrat – for democracy, except when to lose.
  • SNP – for the right for self determination to leave the Union, except when it’s the hated English voting to leave the (e)Union.
  • Labour – just lies. They lied about taking us out the EU, and the no-deal blocker was just a “backstop” to stop us leaving if they couldn’t stop it any other way.
  • Tory – only supporting leaving the EU, because they know they will never get to power again as most of their supporters will be voting UKIP/Brexit party.

When the election seemed imminent I joined the Tories, but apparently that was a mistake. They clearly could have talked out the brexit blocker bill, but did not. I had assumed that there must have been a deal which would led to us leaving the neo-Nazi EU, but apparently not.

I’m sick to death waiting for our politicians to fulfil their promise for us to leave the EU. We NEVER should have been in the EU in the first place and we were only in it because of the lies of the politicians and media like the Biased Corp.

To add insult to injury, there is now unequivocal proof (link) that no link between CO2 and climate can be claimed, because the climate models have been proven to miss vital physics and the result is that their actual accuracy is no better than +/-15C in 100 years. There is no credibility to the climate scam which has already cost each of us £1000s and is set to cost each of us tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Politicians are scum!

The Revolution Cometh

Academia has fallen flat on its face, the media have fallen flat on their face and the politicians likewise. Those who once controlled our society, now lack all credibility. It therefore is extremely likely – even inevitable – that new sources of credibility will take over.

That is easy to predict, but what is less easy is the timing and even more difficult the form. At least with the timing we can draw some historical analogies.

Communist revolutions started around 1870, probably reached a peak 1910-50 and then faded. The precursor to this was the introduction in 1830, of the first penny press newspaper. Penny press papers cost about one-sixth the price of other newspapers and appealed to a wider audience.

The response to this falling newspaper price and the growing interest of poorer groups in politics is shown by the fact that in the early 19th century, there were 52 London papers and over 100 other titles. The British government response to the more poorer people getting an interest in politics was that in 1802, and 1815 the tax on newspapers was increased to three pence and then four pence.In retrospect the thinking is clear: newspapers and politics should be the preserve of the rich.

For understandable reasons, because this dramatically increased the price between 1831 and 1835 hundreds of untaxed newspapers made their appearance. And for understandable reasons, the political tone of most of them was fiercely revolutionary.

Today, the larger newspapers would be calling the smaller “fake news”, or even “bloggers” for failing to abide by the (rich) establishment line. Today that same establishment is now reeling at the changes brought about by the internet and is again actively trying to repress the “fiercely revolutionary” tone of the new media. The similarities are obvious.

Karl Marx wrote his in/famous Communist Manifesto in 1848, 15 years after the surge of revolutionary newspapers. This shows that the effect of revolutionary news media can be dramatic within a few decades. However, the first “communist” revolutions did not occur for 20 years and the Russian revolution was 70 years later. This also shows that the effect can be delayed considerably.

In truth, revolutions may be reported as one-off events, but in practice they are the accumulation of small changes which build tension resulting in a few large and sudden changes.

Arguably, in some ways, the internet has had a more profound affect than these early newspapers, totally undermining the previous technology and the establishment who used it to gain control over us. But perhaps being able to afford even one newspaper was far more revolutionary than a media that merely lets us read many alternative sources?

But what is certain, is that the internet will compress the timescale of the next revolution. We are already starting to see the facture lines forming along which it is likely to develop. The fault lines are now active, the only question is how long will it take the the social pressure to grow before there is a catastrophic realignment of thought that necessitates serious action amounting to a revolution.

Brexit is clearly one of those fault lines – the establishment being at fault, and the general populace sick to the teeth with their lies and anti-democratic behaviour. And, unless Brexit is sorted out (in favour of the people), it won’t be long before we start to see the stirrings of revolution in the UK. In retrospect, that fault line started before the internet revolution, but the internet gave the ordinary people their voice by which to force the referendum. But as we have seen, forcing a referendum and leaving the EU are two very different things. Some of the delay has been legitimate, in retrospect, most was not. But the establishment can and does fob off the populace for years before resentment grows and revolutionary thought develops.

The internet has already given us the Arab Spring, Trump and the Brexit vote. In a historical sense, these are only the warm up act.

The world is now split between two opposing ideologies: Groupthink (aka Socialism) and individualism/ diversity of views.

Every fascist/communist/censorist despot from Hitler (National Socialist) to Mao, from the climate cult to Isis, from Google to Goering, have been at the extreme end on the spectrum of Groupthink. Groupthing is a non-rational viewpoint, that says the group is right irrespective of the evidence or the arguments against it.

Individualism, diversity or views, freedom of expression, are beliefs “common” to those who share nothing in common except a respect for other people and their right to peacefully express their views and an expectation that decisions are made on a rational basis or if not, by majority vote of the population (not the elite).

As such individualism values high quality information sources, whilst groupthink hates them. For the aim of the groupthinkers is to merely indoctrinate the masses to their way of thinking.


The world is heading away from groupthink ideologies like socialism and toward individualism. And, my best guess is that within the next 10 to 50 years, we are likely to see a “earthquake” in politics amounting to a wholesale revolution of our society. Or … it could be that the groupthinkers win … because nothing is certain except that there will be a revolution.


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Unravelling the bluff and double-bluff of British Politics

To start the analysis at the end, last night about 1:30am I was sitting in my dressing gown with my first beer, ready for an all night session of cheering on philabusterers in the #HouseOflords reading tweets like this:

It was a most bizarre scene. A lot of people had obviously stayed up to follow the proceedings and to be quite frank almost no one knew what was going on. To give a flavour, they had been going at it hours, when I heard that they had finally finished going through amendments for the preamble. It was clear they could be talking about talking and those on twitter talking about talking about talking for days. I had no idea of the maths, but it looked like we could be watching for days and see the bill talked out. Continue reading

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Groupthink alternatives

This was such a good comment from jdgalt on wuwt

that I decided to grab it for my own use.

We are starting to see plentiful competition with most of these. Instead of Google use DuckDuckGo or even Bing; instead of Youtube use bitchute; instead of reddit use minds; instead of the fake news outlets use blazetv and oann; instead of twitter use gab; instead of Kickstarter use freestartr; instead of patreon use SubscribeStar.

But there are still no good substitutes to enable deplatforming victims to avoid Facebook or google groups (Yahoo is rumored to be just as bad). And what’s worse, upstream services that are much more regulated (Mastercard, Chase Bank, Paypal, Stripe, GoDaddy) are starting to deplatform people too, which threatens the ability of all the alternatives I discussed above to exist. If Trump doesn’t shut that effort down then nobody can. I hope I’m wrong about that.

We also have:

HotScot who gives

Facebook alternative.

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7 hours of political drama – I never thought I could think lower of remainers

Yesterday, I watched parliament live for about 7 hours. During that time the government of Boris Johnson explained in great details all it was doing to see Brexit through. How it had made arrangements for drugs, for freight at ports for food, how EU citizens had a simple procedure to get to stay in the country, basically it was all anyone could want from a caring government that had very strong plans to get us through the transition and out of the EU.

And then along came the treacherous remainer MPs who had promised to get us out the EU. And one after one they just blatantly lied. “There will be a major calamnity because  (all?) drugs would be unavailable”, “EU citizens will be kicked out”, etc. ALL BLANTANT LIES. It was clear where the press stories came from … the blatant lies of the remainers.

Then came the big drama.

Bercow, who legally should be impartial (like the Biased Corp) was clearly hell bent on breaking his own rulings to use a war-footing time precedent to allow MPs who had voted to leave with no deal (as that is what they all voted for a few years ago), who had had years to pass legislation to block leaving, years of talk about talks about leaving, now Bercow allowed an emergency procedure for them to block all chances of a brexit deal on the pretence that after years of sitting on their fat arses lying about their intentions, that they now needed to pass emergency legislation to block brexit.

The only reason they had to use emergency procedures is because they had lost!

As we know, Boris lost that vote … as seemed inevitable given the number of traitorous remainers in parliament, … but then came the “elephant trap” as Blair had told his own side: Boris said he would now table a motion for an election.

You’ve got to hand it to Boris. He’s clearly played Corbyn like a muppet. By asking for a perfectly normal procedure of a new queen’s speech he forced the lying Corbyn to get the treacherous Bercow to make-up parliamentary procedures and prove the remainer MPs never had any intention of letting us leave and that “no no deal” and then never voting for a deal, was just their way of stopping us leaving. Then he goes for the killer and perfectly understandable “back me or sack me” motion which is quite normal when a government loses a critical vote, that left Corbyn looking like the utter lying, two-faced, unprincipled, scared-to-fight-an-election twat that he is.

And best of all, it gave Boris the excuse to rid of his party of the worst EU traitors.

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Twitter political censorship in operation

The wholesale political censorship against a standing president now being operated by Twitter is just breathtaking in its audacity. Here’s a link to the tweet (which will undoubtedly disappear):

Here’s a screendump of what I found:

“May contain sensitive content” … the actual video may be cringeworthy, or even sycophantic, filled as it is with people of all types saying how much they love Trump, but “sensitive”…. not in the slightest.

Twitter are clearly attempting to censor pro-trump material, but clearly,  due to enthusiastic supporters finding a way around the blocks, that material is still being seen. And the fact it is being blocked is what is attracting people to see it.

That is why censorship doesn’t work. If twitter had completely ignored Trump, I personally would certainly not watch the video. But because twitter are attempting to block it, I then intentionally sought it out to view it.

Which …. really starts to make me wonder if it is possible that Twitter are actually very pro-Trump and are trying to actively encourage support by pretending to block his material. That seems far fetched, but that is all they’re doing at the moment … making Trump more and more popular and the voice of freedom against the Google, facebook, twitter, youtube, apple … censors.

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The lie of one-dimensional politics

Left and right are false concepts of the authoritarian groupthink socialists who see the world as “them and us” and it is one of the biggest lies of the fake media era of the past century.

So, I’m getting increasingly tired of seeing people who are against political groupthink using the left-right categories which were made to portray politics as merely two ends of a false political spectrum

This one dimensional concept of politics was created by those like the Biased Corp in order to lump everyone who does not support their groupthink view into one enormous “right” who are then falsely stated as being one single group so that the whole “right” can be attacked and tarred with the brush of one small group. This tactic is used to group “right” creationists as the same as “right” & very pro-real-science climate sceptics and scientists. But those like the Biased corp create this fictitious “right” in order to attack climate sceptics as being the same as anti-science creationists, when the only thing in common between climate sceptics and creationists is that we both disagree with the groupthink of the Biased Corp … but for entirely different reasons.

The only meaningful way that anyone who is strongly against the groupthink agenda of those like the Biased Corp is “far right” is that the Biased Corp groupthinkers are “far wrong”.

In truth, if there is any meaning to this left-right “dimension” of politics it is between groupthink and diversity of views. It is between those like Google & the Biased Corp who demand or carry out censorship in order to enforce their groupthink and those who value free-speech, even of those they strongly disagree with, because we value diversity.

And to show just how ingrained this left-right nonsense is, let’s see how almost all the language used in this left-right false characterisation of politics is false.

  • The Fascists, like the eco-fascists, like the anti-democracy EU-fascist are on the left
  • The people who value diversity are on the right
  • The science is with those who value free and open discussion. Those who push the global warming agenda are anti-science groupthinkers.
  • Who are the people obsessed with race? Is it those like me who value diversity and don’t give a damn about skin colour? Or is it those like the Biased Corp who are obsessed with race and are constantly saying that beige people (falsely called “white” by the biased corp to make a false distinction with “black”) are behaving and thinking in a particular way only because of their “race”. That’s racist!
  • And the biggest deception of all the real evil mass murderers are on the left, the people who murdered the Jews both in Germany and elsewhere, were socialists like the National Socialist party in Germany and likewise those like Stalin, Mao, etc were communists. Groupthinkers commit mass murder, not those who value diversity!
  • etc.

The fake news media have literally turned concepts on their head. The real fascists today are groups like Antifa or Greenmail corps who want to impose their views through undemocratic means. But who do the fake news media constantly brainwash their gullible readers into believing are fascists? Those who value diversity and want democratic decisions like Brexit to go through!

What we have been subject to in the west, is almost a century of the groupthink media, distorting historical truth in order to characterise those national socialists and communists who support groupthink as being the same as “the right”, when it is the groupthinkers like those who have illegally kept us in the groupthink EU who are the fascists with an agenda almost exactly the same as the Nazis. It was the Nazis and Communists who are most like the fascist Biased Corp and Google because like them, they are the ones imposing their authoritarian anti-democratic views and it is they who are like the fascists vehemently opposed to individualism and diversity.

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For 40 years we in the UK have been kept prisoner in the Nazi fascist EU almost single handedly by the Biased Corp. Indeed, it is because the power of the fascists in society are waning, that we finally got our first vote on being in the EU and it was clear we should never ever have been in that fascist reich.

And it is also very clear that many politicians have a total contempt for democracy and the people they supposedly serve.

This is the end of their rule. This is the beginning of freedom.

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Having used for a while as a twitter replacement, it seems that as a result of attacks on them by the “diversity is good – except diversity of views” fascists, they changed so that searches became impossible, which made it useless for accessing a specific subject like Climate.

However, today I have found a new form of free-speech online discussion and that is via the dissenter web browser or browser add-on. I say web browser, because the fascists have already got to Mozilla and blocked it as an extension, so I could only use it as a separate browser.

For obvious reasons, my first port of call [after testing at WUWT] was to see what dissenters had written on the wakopedia “global warming” page, and I was not disappointed, and indeed, I was able to add a summary of much that is so deceitful about that article. I then added comments to “Saint Patrick”, where an entirely justified edit to include historically accurate information was blocked, and one to the “Celts” to add yet more historically accurate information which I haven’t even bothered to attempt to add as I know it will be COMPLETELY blocked.

But much more fun, than finally being able to say what I think of the lies at Wakopedia, is to be able to read every one else’s views on a host of other subjects via the “random shuffle” feature. This is just what I’ve been looking for … a way to get an idea of what other normal sane people worldwide are thinking without it being filtered and biased by big-brother google/twitter/facebook.

And, there have been surprisingly few “racist” comments, and indeed, except for large number of U.S. subjects being discussed, I think it’s definitely a site I will be returning to frequently.

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The Future is black(out)

We have officially entered the age of stupid.

First we had the enormous black out of electricity in Scotland that was clearly down to wind.

Then we had the Australian blackout:

Australia’s energy regulator is taking legal action against four wind farm operators over a state-wide blackout in South Australia in 2016. The Australian Energy Regulator (AER) is seeking compensation in court action from subsidiaries of AGL Energy, Neoen, Pacific Hydro and Tilt Renewables connected to an event on 28thSeptember 2016 when severe weather conditions led to significant…(link)

Then we had the million home blackout in England again due to wind:

Enappsys, an energy consultancy, said the blackout may have been caused by the unexpected shutdowns of the Hornsea offshore wind farm and the Little Barford gas-fired power plant, reports The Guardian. (link)

I’ve already bought an emergency light that goes on if there is a blackout. I’ve still to find a way to run the heating “offgrid” so to speak. But except for a shower, we can run without as we’ve now got several weeks worth of wood for heating (especially given how well our house is now insulated) and frankly – I’d be glad if the freezer defrosted and all the rubbish “left-overs” had to be chucked out.

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