WWIII: only three years to flatten the globe

I could have started with Trump derangement syndrome, where the legacy media showed an obsessive hatred of Trump, but I’ll start with the covid derangement syndrome, where the press went totally mad about killing off an enemy they could not beat. Instead of living with covid, as we had every other similar flu, suddenly the press were obsessed with killing it off and they totally utterly failed.

Now, after years of Zelensky and his thugs shelling Russian speaking areas like the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, and Putin, having repeatedly warned the west that he would not tolerate the shelling, eventually being forced to come to their aid, the western legacy media have flipped again with the arrival of Putin or more widely Russian Derangement Syndrome: an illness in which they obsessively want to get rid of those they hate.

And in this case, the focus of their hatred has nuclear weapons and a large army, and no amount of western media pressure will topple Russians out of Russia. But, it could result in ethnic cleansing of Russians out of eastern Ukraine … although I say “Ukraine”, but what is “Ukraine?” Was there ever really an entity we should call “Ukraine” … a space wrestled, almost certainly illegally from the USSR, with no more right to integrity than a pinned up trouser fly. That is has come unceremoniously apart, given the huge ethnic divide and hatred that stems from the USSR famines in Ukraine, should surprise no one. Yet, somehow the integrity of a “country” that was never united, is what the western media wants to go to war about.

The law of derangement syndromes is this: they can only be satisfied by the complete humiliation and destruction of those they hate. But, the law of dealing with Russia, is that it will not allow that, and will instead resort to nuclear weapons. So, according to the current laws that appear to be in operation, we are going from: three weeks to flatten covid … to three years to flatten the globe …

…. except China.

Why is it that China always manages to be on the outside of these fights looking in? Why is the west about to face the worst winter ever, with sky high fuel prices and civil discontent with strikes happening everywhere? What is it that is creating these “derangement syndromes” … it appears to be a manifestation of the internet. Which is causing people to go loopy. Loopy being a good term, as it appears to be a positive feedback of delusional derangement, where the censorship removes all the common sense from sceptics.

Call me paranoid, but I cannot help but wonder, if China isn’t the one turning up the gain on that hysteria: making the west extremely susceptible to hate filled derangement syndrome.

However, there is now little that can be done. I think nuclear war is inevitable, although, it may take time to get to that stage.

Preparing for Nuclear War

I’m currently trying to psych myself up to prepare for nuclear war. I already know a lot about surviving the blasts. That is the easy bit. However, when the blasts stop, and the screaming dies down, we will be in a country with no government and no functioning economy. I’d guess more than half of those who survive, will need to relocate to less radioactive areas,where there will be little work.

The UK, US and Russia, will have the political might of a county council and China will be installing itself as the lord and master of the globe. I doubt it will invade, but the UK will become an effective “client state” of China, where are “leaders” are decided by China (overtly or covertly).

British property, currency and almost all we have a “capital” will be all but valueless. And most people in the UK, will be refugees in their own country or another.

How do you prepare for that? I don’t have a cunning plan.

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How close is nuclear war?

I’ve been looking at preparing for a nuclear war, and through that process, I’ve realised that there is one key phrase which indicates a very strong probability of impending nuclear war: when the US government start preparing to evacuate its cities.

I’ve now seen pretty unequivocal evidence that the US is indeed, preparing for the rapid evacuation of its cities, in that areas where there is absolutely no risk of natural disaster are now urging people to get ready “BUG OUT BAGS” which is a US government scheme to encourage people to be ready to leave their homes at a moment’s notice.

The reason for this, is that as soon as the US start evacuating cities, its enemy will see what it is doing and do the same. And, basically it then comes down to a race to see who has evacuated enough of the cities to risk firing the first nuclear weapons … which will be intended to destroy the Enemy before they respond, and if they do, they will only have nearly empty cities as targets (military bases will also be evacuated).

The problem is the time to evacuate a city. Take Glasgow. If we assume 40 road lanes, it will take nearly 24 hours to empty the city. But, if people take a couple of hours to pack, it will take 26hours. If however, 10% of people could be persuaded that “government are coming for you” … so that they all flee the city, they could have 90% of the city empty in less than 20 hours … which would be 2 or more hours ahead of a comparable Russian city.

In order to attempt to win this race to “first strike”, the US have decided that they want huge numbers of people, to have these “Bug out bags”, to instil this sense of impending doom and fear of government, so that they can be easily triggered to get out the cities at a moment’s notice. They … the government … will have plans to trigger the … ANTI GOVERNMENT … “bugers” to start heading out of the city and into the surrounding country, ideally before the enemy even realise the US is preparing a pre-emptive nuclear strike.

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A U-turn? But no cause for celebration yet.

Yesterday was one of the most important days in modern history: the publication of Liz Truss’ energy plans. In those plans she hinted at what could be interpreted as a U-Turn on Net Zero. She more or less committed the government to reducing fuel prices and admitted it was government that had created the mess through Net Zero. She also enabled the opening up of fracking. In other news, it appears that she had put an end to the covid jab for under 11s.

If, and it is a very big if, if these plans are what they suggest, then this is the beginning of common sense.

Does that mean I am celebrating? The answer is no. Because even if there is a complete U-turn immediately, there is still one huge mountain of pain to go through. The policies have already set in a massive dent to GDP, massive price rises, and through it massive social discontent. We still have the lying manipulative Biased Brainwashing Cult, pouring it vile into the ears of the public, we still have the evil of Google, doing the same and hiding the truth.

We still have a military complex pushing us ever closer to WWIII, we still have Big Pharma ready to unleash the next mega-profit pandemic on us, we still have China and Russia attacking us through the Green groups and BBC. We are not out the burning building by a long way, but at least we appear to be turning around and about to stop the headlong rush into the fire.

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Was the Ukraine conflict triggered by Russia’s belief, rightly or wrong, that the US were in Ukraine developing viruses to kill ethnic Russians?

I came across an extraordinary document on the web with the innocuous title “Briefing on the upcoming consultative meeting of the BTWC member States

It contains the following allegations:

  • there are currently over 50 Pentagon-controlled biological laboratories modernised with its funds and located in close proximity to the borders of the Russian Federation. In total, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the U.S. Defence Department controls 336 biolaboratories in 30 countries.
  • the focus of the Pentagon’s work does not correspond to the current problems of public health in Ukraine, the main of which are socially significant diseases: measles, rubella, tuberculosis, AIDS.
  • one of the priority tasks of Ukrainian laboratories is to collect and to send strains of dangerous infectious diseases such as cholera, anthrax, and tularemia to the United States.
  • according to available documents, 4,000 military personnel in Lvov, Kharkov, Odessa and Kiev had blood samples taken for antibodies to hantaviruses and 400 for antibodies to the Congo-Crimean fever virus as part of the UP8 project. This kind of large-scale immunity screening may have been conducted in order to assess the susceptibility of the region’s population to certain biological agents.

The implication, as I see it, with the mixed population of Ukrainian and Russian descent, is that the US were developing biological weapons that were intended to specifically wipe out those of Russian descent. Something that the Nazis in Ukraine, who have committed numerous war crimes against Russian speakers, undoubtedly would be very happy to do.


Whether it is true or just a misunderstanding, and from what we have seen about the lies in the US and the way those in the FBI do not persue Hunter BuyDem and the way all those politicians and journalists on Epstein Island are not prosecuted as part of a blackmail ring, there is no morality that the present US regime would not stoop to. But irrespective of the truth, it appears the Russians suspect the US were developing viruses which were specifically targetted at Russians, and no doubt many other ethnic groups around the world as well.

Of course, let’s also be clear, the Russians are not above indulging in their own black ops as the deliberate promoting of Net Zero in the West shows, clearly intended to repeat the destruction of UK coal (in the USSR era), but this time all remaining fossil fuels. So, it is all bluff, double bluff and treble bluff … smoke and  mirrors …

But, it would explain why the Russians behaved the way they did in Ukraine … initially targetting all kinds of places, which someone on the web helpfully pointed out, all contained US biolabs.

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The reality of social media censorship and repression

This was originally a reply to someone who had been censored, which I’ve expanded:

These days, one person can program a filter that will be applied to each and every post on that social media, down grading or censoring people. And, they don’t need to censor individual words, instead they can use a scale of censoring and downrating. So, if you use specific words … your rating goes down, making it more likely to get censored/downrated. If you like certain posts, or certain posters, you again get more likely to be censored/downrated/followers kicked off.

Likewise, if you are the “virtuous class” with the “right” (wrong) views, then your reputation goes up. But, once, you have a bad “reputation”, then you too will be downrating anyone who follows you, or anyone who likes your posts or even uses the same words and phrases as you do. The whole system can be trained by a relatively small group of people, who teach the filters which words to downrate. Then, if a group with a low reputation & only that group, start using a new word or phrase … guess what happens … that word or phrase automatically gets added to not just the “more likely to be filtered”, but also “more likely to be downrated and anyone liking you to get censored and downrated”.

Now, lets talk money. These social media sites, make their money by manipulating what people see to make it appear that e.g. “most people love getting the jab” … as a simple example of an extremely large lump of money they got, from both government and Big Pharma. So, anyone using phrases that are dismissive of the jab, start having their reputation downgraded, so that they appear lower down the list of posts, so that they are more likely to get censored and not even when talking about jabs. But, just because they have posted or liked, posts that are dismissive of the jab, they get repressed, which means the posts that are seen most, all start to be supportive of the advertiser’s campaign.

And this is particularly true when it comes to the “influencers” who self identify as politicians/journalists. For a start, they get numerous posts from people they don’t know. So, they have no way to check whether those they are seeing are actually representative of what people in general are saying. So it is extremely easy for these social mafia, to ensure that almost the only ones they see, are the ones who fit the political views of the social media, and the commercial interests of those paying them. Indeed, they may also select the worst posts from those against … just to create the impression that anyone against the jab is a total moron (and let’s not forget lots of those posts where people against appeared to be morons, will be posted by Big Pharma/government agents in the first place).

So, for the last 2-3 years, I will guarantee, that all the journalists and politicians when they look at social media, have seen what appears to be totally overwhelming support for the jab. That was also true of the delusional MPs, who for months had been deluged in their social media inboxes by posts all supporting the EU … suddenly having a deluge of constituents writing to them saying how much they wanted out the EU (they still cannot filter mail). The politicians had been conned about “public opinion”. What they were seeing in their filtered view of the world, was totally at odds with the real world.

But, it is not just those influencers who the social media are paid to target… because the social media companies also know where people are located … and so they know who is in the same building … so they know who to target as “colleagues” “family” and “friends”. So, not only is the journalist, politician, celebrity, deluged by social media posts supporting jabs, but everyone they meet & know is also being targetted and deluged by these posts, designed to influence them to pay Big pharma shed loads of our money.

When the profit is tens of billions … how much can they afford to manipulate the couple of thousand “influencers” and their friends. Let’s say 10,000 accounts … that is £100,000 to £1million per account. Clearly there is plenty of money to employ people to individually tailor the social media accounts of the most influential politicians and journalists. BIG MONEY … tailor made advertising, designed by psychologists, intended to distort their minds.

And, of course … if we, the filtered, go onto social media … it knows who we are … so what we see, is not what others see of us, instead we see what we want to see. We see our own posts appearing in prominent places … when it reality, no one at all is seeing them. We see a view of what is happening as if you were not getting repressed … indeed to encourage us, they will pretend that far more people are seeing us than actually are. That means we will keep posting … despite no one seeing anything you write.

AI bots

And, this is where it gets very scary. The next phase, is AI bots, who are there to give you the impression that someone has seen your post, and is responding to your posts, even when, as a censored person, no person is seeing your posts. Yes, it will happen to everyone … we will all get inane comments that aren’t worth replying to, tailor made to respond to us … tailor made to do us down, if we say things the advertisers don’t want us to say, and to big us up if our comments fit the brainwashing narrative.

And, soon, people on social media, will be having whole conversations with bots, but not just that, bots paid by social media, to use all the background knowledge about people they have built up, to tailor make a brainwashing program, to get them to change their mind … obviously with the odd contribution from a human operator, if the person says something the bot cannot respond to.

And, then they start “attacking” those we know, our friends, our family, work colleagues. If we continue to make comments negative for the advertising campaign, they will deliberately try to wreck our social score, by manipulating what our friends and family see of us.

And, it wall works, because they supposedly “randomise” what posts appear. The reason this is done, is to make it very difficult to know whether our post is supposed to be appearing. Because there is always the excuse that “it is just by chance” that no one is seeing us. And, if we start searching for our posts … that is an obvious behaviour … so yet again, they can change what we are seeing, even on a machine that has absolutely no link to us. It is incredibly difficult to not just detect that we are being filtered, censored and shadow banned, but also to determine to what extent and how this is affecting us. Both in what other people see of us, but also how they are manipulating us.

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A sign of the times

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We’re well past Peak Climate Alarmism

There is an old saying of “giving someone enough rope to hand themselves with”, which is proving very apt at the moment. The climate alarmists had been playing a very clever game of slowly increasing the costs of fossil fuels through various means in such a way that they were largely hidden to the public (by a compliant press). But the covid scam emboldened them, and they lost all caution and went for broke, thinking that invading Ukraine would shield them. However, with such massive price rises caused by Net Zero, they can no longer hide the shocking reality of what their measures actually mean in practice. More and more, people are coming to realise that Net Zero is an insanely expensive policy.

That was bad enough, but then Sunak spilled the beans that the experts had been falsifying the record to pretend their was a consensus and force through actions, which were clearly and unequivocally highly damaging. They lied, Sunak has said they lied, and now the public knows the experts lie, and the press know they lie and don’t say a thing.

Everyone can see the similarity between the terrorism campaign promoting the covid scam, and that of the climate scam. Everyone can see how the same lies form the “experts” are used to create a false “consensus”. And everyone can see that the “experts” don’t give a damn for the costs of their insanely costly demands.

I’ve now got the sense, that having been pushing the heavy car uphill for the last 15 years, suddenly scepticism has gone over the brow, and we are pushing down hill. Indeed, in some senses, I feel that the sceptic bandwagon is now running away from me as others take over.

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A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife (UPDATE)

Today I came across a post (A Unified Theory of Recent Political Strife) which predicted “a period of social strife”, which given what we have seen from 2020. with covid, the stealing of the US election by BuyDem, the breaking of the Minsk treaty and stoking up of war in Ukraine, the inflaming of the conflict leading to possible nuclear war in both Ukraine and now with the Wicked Witch in Taiwan, BLM, the culture wars, etc., etc., it does seem I got what would happen right, but, the way it was caused was incomplete.

The theory I proposed, what that new technology like the internet gave a “voice” to new groups that hitherto had not had a voice, because they were excluded or too poor to use previous communication media. The result is that these groups, start to gain political power and influence, and that creates an imbalance in power, which the present elites don’t like.

In the present day, the groups who particularly resented the new voice given to people by the internet, were the journalists and academics who used to have a cosy cartel where they controlled almost all public discussion. Because only the experts could speak, and only the journalists had control over the media to decide who was heard. Along comes the internet, suddenly brexiteers, Trumpeteers and many others could and were heard, with profound consequences.

However, what we then saw in covid, was a new part of the problem, which is what I call “delusional feedback”. Put simply, public discourse has two types of behaviour: one of which is to repeat, regurgitate or reformulate what we hear in a supportive way which amplifies the message meaning “positive feedback”, the other behaviour is to be sceptical questioning and dismissive which is a form of negative feedback.

In a stable well ordered society, public debate has a combination of the two. So that good ideas get amplified, and bad ideas tend to meet the sceptics who repress them.

What however we started seeing as Trump, Brexit, and the climate sceptics became successful, is that Google-You-Censor, Fascist Book, and Tricker, started actively censoring sceptical views.

That created a system, where the sceptics were repressed, and as any feedback engineer knows, if you have a system where there is only positive feedback, the system is unstable. As a result, just a small perturbation can cause the signal to grow and grow and grow.

This appears to be the critical part in the delusions that develop as part of Totalitarian government … which seem to thrive after these information revolutions (the early part of the 20th century being the obvious example, with Hitler, Stalin’s five year plan, likewise the Chinese, likewise Pol Pot. All of these developed delusional behaviour that changed the socially accepted behaviour to allow totally appalling atrocities to become accepted as normal.

Here, I suggest that the key change, is that there is a general repression of scepticism.

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By my own test is WWIII starting?

I thought I would be writing an article on building your own nuclear shelter … but that go stuck in the mud … so to speak.

Instead I am reporting on a financial scandal so odd, and so massive, that I have to keep convincing myself that I heard it from someone in the House of Lords.

Why is this important? Because the key indicator that China is going to invade Taiwan, will be that we start seeing a torrent of extremely bad PR for the US. My, assumption had been that we’d see the release of huge dossiers of material from Epstein Island, showing how corrupt all the US politicians (in the pay of China) have been. Basically, China corrupts all the politicians … and then it shows how corrupt the US has been, leading to a media storm, etc. But of course, the media are just as corrupt as the politicians. So, the first we would see of it, would be on social media, with the press being dragged kicking and screaming against the truth to have to admit it is true.

That is the scenario I thought would happen. But, anything that undermines the west, will do. And, now seeing the following video, perhaps I was thinking too much in western ways. To us, undermining politicians is the way to destroy a government. But the Chinese can’t see our obsession with the personality cult, and perhaps what they are going to attack is the western banking system

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Any practical suggestions

I was discussing the potential for widespread chaos being created this summer, and Sarah asked: “Any practical suggestions?” Which started me thinking. The first priority is to avoid getting caught up in the hysteria. I might have finally worked out that the covid hysteria, was hysteria, but like almost everyone else I was initially carried away. Likewise, I was originally taken in by the climate scam, and I didn’t realise it until I started doing my own research which proved the science didn’t support the commercial con.

So, given my previous failures … what practical advice could I offer?

Strengthen your ability to resist hysteria

  1. To strengthen your ability to resist, you need accept how easily we can all be lured into hysterical thinking by commercial and other interests. So, don’t feel foolish if it happens to you … they have enormous pools of money and a great deal of control over what you see. They have paid for journalists, they flood social media with their bots, and sooner or later, we all get fooled by them. The big difference, is that some people know it can happen and have the courage to admit they were wrong … that we have been conned. But far too many cannot face that reality and they won’t “wake up”. So, try to develop a habit of admitting when you are wrong, even for small things. Because if you develop the habit of admitting you are wrong about small things, then it is far easier to admit we have been deceived about the big things when it happens.
  2. The next thing, is to never assume that you are right. Keep checking whether your views really are valid. Not by trying to see how many people agree with you, but by checking the facts. Learn how to research information, how to get past the censors like Google on the internet and get to the raw sources. Find a range of websites, that are known to sensibly discuss subjects which are banned in the old media.
  3. The next, is to actively seek out views that disagree with your own, and at all costs, avoid “blocking, banning, etc.” contrary views. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t block people who insult or are being obnoxious. But don’t count stating a contrary view as being “obnoxious”. Try to respect people with different views and thank them for putting in the effort to explain them. Being able to seek out find and listen to views you do not currently agree with, is key to challenging any possible “brainwashing” that you may have had. This is really key, because it was only by arguing with people who had a very different view on covid, that I began to realise that my own assumptions were quite tenuous and that there was something awfully wrong with the forecasts.
  4. Learn the difference between those who “have their own different view” and those who merely regurgitate the words they hear from others. Someone who has their own view, can explain how they formed their view. They can argue their case and can deal with questions. Someone who is merely repeating words they hear, has no idea how the views they push were formed and will not be able to answer even simple probing questions. They quickly become angry, when they cannot answer simple questions. A clear indicator of someone who is regurgitating other people’s views, is someone who refuses to discuss, but instead will post numerous links. They will attack your credentials, demand that you accept the views of “experts” or similar, and refuse to answer your questions. Usually they will end up attacking you with insults.

Community Networks

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