New Anti-Zelensky Ukrainian group

I came across this video. I don’t speak Ukrainian, so they may be saying anything, but if the text is to be believed, this is a group of Ukrainians opposed to both Zelensky and the Russians.

This is interesting, because from a Russian military point of view, Zelensky has all the military skill of Hitler and as the drying up military supplies shows, is fast gaining the same propaganda value. So, I suspect Russia would be quite happy to keep Zelensky and certainly would not want him replaced with a competent anti-Russian leader.

Given Zelensky’s callous throwing away of Ukrainian lives, I’ve no doubt that this group will grow rapidly. There is not a lot someone forced into Zelensky’s front line can hope for except to be captured by the Russians or if not, a clean rather than a lingering death. This gives a new option: to end the war by removing Zelensky.

But, bizarrely, this might be welcome news to Zelensky. He has milked Ukraine dry of all the wealth he can extract, he is now facing inevitable defeat, and, so the only way for him to get out of Ukraine rich and “undefeated” is to have an excuse to skedaddle off to Israel to join his parents. Why Israel? Because it is possibly the only place in the world, where Zelensky will be safe from the US, who will undoubtedly try to silence him to prevent him blabbing to the world about their eight year involvement in planning and executing the war.

Why Isn’t Truss being prosecuted for Terrorism?

It has emerged, that UK “intelligence” has become the sick bag of US politics, into which any scheme that is too immoral, illegal or risky to carry out in the US is spewed to the poodles who run Britain.

For it is clear that as soon the the Nordstream pipelines were blown up, Truss was going to her masters in the US to tell them she had done it. She & everyone else involved in the UK should be investigated for terrorism, because I cannot see any way what she herself claims to have done was legal.

As for those utter contemptible immoral poodles in MI6 etc. You are US dog dirt. Were you all on Epstein Island? Is that why you roll over like poodles in the US shit?

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Is Zelensky about to go?

For some time we have been hearing about a massive build up of Zelensky’s forces about to attack Kherson. And, almost every day, there has indeed been some form of attempt to launch an attack, but like every day, today’s attack seems to have to fizzled out almost before it began.

This could be a ploy: to give the appearance of being unable to push an advance, so as to lull the Russians into a false sense of complacency, but this is a very dangerous tactic, because it eventually becomes self-fulfilling as Zelensky’s troops will begin believing they are done and refuse to advance whether or not they have any chance of success.

This is why, I woke up this morning with the idea that Zelensky was about to get a coup against him. That was weird because I have not read it, nor had I been thinking it, yet I woke up with the idea that there might be a coup. Which is why I was paying particular attention to today’s advance.

It may not be over today, the “advance” could happen any time, but as the weather is getting worse and Zelensky’s infrastructure is being repeatedly hit, and BuyDem needs a victory for his mid term elections, Zelensky is the one now under pressure to do something quickly, but what? The US, for whom Zelensky is fighting this proxy war, might still have shedloads of equipment they could dollop on Ukraine, but most of it is only suited to fighting for the Israelis in the Middle East. It doesn’t like the winter mud of Ukraine.

And, this war does seem to have a lot to do with the middle east, which makes the comments from the Israeli government all the more surprising. They don’t want to supply Ukraine with any of their military equipment because they believe it will land up on the hands of the Iranians. For a country that would benefit enormously if Russia were defeated, that looks to me like an admission that Zelensky hasn’t a hope of winning and is on the verge of losing to Russia: anything sent now, will get immediately captured. Which might explain why the US are unwilling to send advanced equipment as well … and there is the problem of the overall campaign leader on Zelensky’s side: General Corruption. Even if there were a peace deal, equipment going to Ukraine would still end up being sold to the highest bidder as it has in the past.

Zelensky and his US puppeteers have painted themselves into a corner. They have told the public that “winning” is the total removal of Russia … from the Russian speaking areas of the former USSR which were ambiguously created into a supposed country called “Ukraine”. But the Russians are going nowhere and simply by doing that they are now winning. Russians have dug in and now Zelensky sends wave after wave of people to fruitlessly die for the US losing most of their equipment in the process. And in Europe support for the US’ proxy war and Zelensky is fast fading making it highly unlikely he will ever get the equipment he would need to win.

Anyone in Ukraine who has been conscripted or risks being conscripted can see Zelensky is going to toss their life away and now the only way to survive is to surrender to Russia or get rid of Zelensky and his US masters.

As Napoleon said: Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He is Making a Mistake!

I cannot see any scenario where Russia loses.

Has Zelensky already left Ukraine?

As many have pointed out, since the Russians started sending missiles to destroy Zelensky’s infrastructure, all Zelensky’s appearances have been pre-recorded with green screen technology giving an amateurish appearance of being “at the action”. As a result, there has been speculation as to where Zelensky is. The options appear to be:

  1. In a bunker in Kiev. This is the least likely, because why stay in Kiev and then use green screens?
  2. In a bunker somewhere in Ukraine. This makes more sense, because Zelensky knows he is a Russian target and this is far safer than Kiev and allows him the chance to make a dramatic reappearance at some point.
  3. Hiding in another country. If Zelensky is so worried about Russian attacks, that he will not appear in public, then why even risk being in Ukraine which could soon be over run by Russia?
  4. Hiding under the control of the US. This, I would suggest, is the most likely option, whether in Ukraine or not. Because, with a strong likelihood that Zelensky will soon be out of power, the US wants to remove all evidence of their involvement. So, I don’t think they will be allowing Zelensky to roam the world blaming the CIA for not doing more to support him.

Indeed, the US will take much the same attitude to all the high up people in Ukraine. Paradoxically, the only place they will be “safe” is in Russia, and only then if they helped them out in some way, which means they need to blab everything … which is why the US is going to be after them the moment it starts falling apart.

That is why it could all go pear shaped very quickly. As soon as the leadership in Ukraine realises that the game is up, I can see a race to get to and work with the Russians. The first to do so, will get handsomely rewarded, the rest can only hope to save their skins, those that lose the race will be left to the US to dispose of.

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First drone air “battle”?

I found this Russian post with the following video with the translated text: “The first published air “battle” of Russian and Ukrainian quadrocopters”

From the fact it is published in Russian, I suspect the Russian drone won. We don’t see the drone taking the video, however it is clear the drone in the image is quite small and the one taking the video must be quite large as there is almost no movement when the smaller drone is hit.

As drones are likely looking toward the other side, I suggest the following scenario: the bigger drone sees the smaller one, which is quite static, and does not respond, so it appears unaware of the larger one. So, the smaller one is looking down, perhaps acting as an eye in the sky for advancing forces. The larger drone is slightly above the smaller one, so in a blind spot.

The larger drone flies over the smaller one, the propellers hit the legs of the larger one and  debris can be seen flying off, the smaller drone loses control and almost certainly crashed.

To give a comparison in size, the drone in the image is perhaps 20-30 cm body length. This may be the Russian drone:


Addendum I have just read this:

The Russian reconnaissance quadcopter encountered the Ukrainian quadcopter and just stood still, while the Ukrainian quadcopter crawled under it and tried to disable it but without success, the Ukrainian quadcopter damaged itself and fell to the ground

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Sad day for Ukraine – what next?

It has been pretty obvious for a while that Russia was not going to meekly depart from the areas of Russian speakers who have been brutalised by US supported Nazis in Ukraine. And, let’s be frank, when I say “US support”, I mean that small group who also support Israel.

When Russia held the referendums and proved that overwhelmingly the people of the regions it held, wanted to be part of the Russian Federation, there was a chance for peace. But this war has never been about what Ukrainians wanted. Instead it is a small group of people in the US wanting regime change in Moscow. So, they have ensured every peace deal has been torpedoed from the Minsk agreement, to the one earlier this year, to the Turkish proposals. They wanted war, and Ukrainians deaths do not matter to them. It is a sad day.

It has been obvious that Russia was not going to continue to give up ground, even though this was at huge cost in terms of men and equipment for Zelensky. Zelensky is running out of tanks … and his forces can only use out of date Soviet era tanks … they are almost scouring the museum collections of Europe to get the few such models that still exist to supply him. And, his forces are totally outgunned and totally without air support. All his forces had, was the willingness of Zelensky to murder 100s of thousands of them on gaining a few bits of ground.

For the last week, we have now seen the Russians holding their ground and repelling all attempts to push forward by Zelensky’s forces and even minor gains for Russia of Zaitseve and reports that Zelensky’s forces are about to depart Bakhmut, a key part of the attack on Russian Donetsk.

But, who could say what they were planning. Indeed, I saw no point speculating. But, clearly there has been an escalation of activity when General Surovikin took over sole control. Today (his birthday) we are seeing, what I hear are cruise missiles being fired all over Zelensky’s area of control.

It is an inevitable escalation caused by the refusal of the west to respect the democratic wishes of those who want to join the Russian Federation.

That small group in the US did not allow Ukraine to have peace. Now Ukrainians are suffering. Indeed, Russians are suffering, the fuel poor in Europe are suffering. And, the only way I can see to end that suffering is for the quickest resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. Given that Ukrainians are not allowed peace, and that they haven’t had the sense to deal with the “leader” imposed on them from afar, the path that reduces death & suffering is a quick defeat for Zelensky. And, a Russian army that continues to maintain the high level of respect for civilians that we have so far seen. But unfortunately, war brings death, but at least the Russians bury the enemy with respect, whereas Zelensky has been killing any Russian speakers who “collaborated” with Russia. And, let’s be clear what they mean by “collaborating” … that includes distributing food supplied by Russia to civilians. I cannot say that those that Zelensky’s thugs are killing include those who were distributing food, but they were executed without any judicial process and treated with total contempt, described by one thug as “killing pigs”. That is how much hatred those vile people in the US have stirred up.

Russia has called up 300,000 reservists. These are people who have some experience in conflict. In contrast, I hear that Zelensky is conscripting women, and I saw one video showing a “how to fire your gun” leaflet that had been found. These Russian forces include Chechens, which supposedly means experienced combat troops known for aggressive fighting. It seems an unequal contest.

Now, we see a build up of forces on the (NW) Belarus border. It is reported that Zelensky’s forces have been laying anti-tank mines on the roads across the border. Is this an indication of a full scale attack aimed at Kiev? Or is it a diversion to hold large numbers of Zelenksy’s forces up in the NW, whilst Surovikin drives in a wedge elsewhere?

And, how will the US respond? It is already widely known there are US and UK troops on the ground fighting against Russia, but that is not currently officially acknowledged. They are already pouring in mercenaries … who the Russians appear to take particular delight in removing. I just look at it and think: “some pour kid will not have their dad/grandad home for Christmas” … and for what? For a war that has nothing to do with us and little to do with what Ukrainians want.

Unfortunately, we live at a time of totally bonkers politics. Where a common cold shuts down the country, where Europe is cutting off its fuel to spite its frost bitten face. And the US is just evil. Those on Epstein’s island abusing children … never prosecuted. BuyDem union not yet convicted and “10% for the big guy” still in power. Corruption is rife in the US … and that corruption is driving the war in Ukraine. And, unfortunately, the US’s response will be what those corrupt individuals dictate.

But, it does not look good for the US. BuyDem recently visited Saudi Arabia to order them to increase production. Their response was to cut back. And, for understandable reasons given the US are fighting a war in Syria, and occupying Syrian land (see the double standards!) The US, or at least that small group who think they own the US, also think they own the middle east and can dictate what happens. Hence the Russian support for Syria against that group, is likely to be the cause of attempting to get rid of Putin. So, they can install a “friendly” candidate so that Russia is controlled like the US.

But the US is running out of money, and from the Saudi response, it is running out of friends as well. US power is waning. The only place it still has power is in Europe through its control over the press and media. Hence the totally bonkers politics … they are literally able to brainwash politicians through their control over the legacy and social medias. Which isn’t a lot of use, when the US and Europe are about to face economic collapse and with it their global influence.

And, that is why the small group in the US, may decide that regime change in Russia is not worth it. Because, if the US goes down the pan, then so do the US “friends” in the middle east. So, the Ukrainians may just be allowed peace, to get regime change in the US and save the US from economic collapse.


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Delusional feedback loops & timing the Armageddon

A delusional feedback loop, is a situation in society whereby there are some people, such as our current media, who exaggerate or distort what they report. These claims then make their way into the general population, and eventually, as they are echoed and reformulated by others, they come back to those who made the claim who failing to recognise that they are the source, start seeing what they hear/read as confirmation of their original assertion.

So, for example, the claim “Putin has said he will pre-emptively strike the US”. That claim has been made by many media, although nothing of the sort has been said. But, when it is repeated often enough and loud enough, the media start to believe their own lie, because all their colleagues are repeating it as if it is true.

In a situation of mass hysteria, as at present, when the press are deliberately attacking Putin, and willing and able to not just repeat, but exaggerate any claim, soon, the clamour of lies is so great, that even the lying press start believing they are telling the truth … because “everyone is saying it”. This is the positive feedback which over time tends to push thing further and further from the truth. Continue reading

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Starlink down

Following the last two posts (link) (link) showing what might be technology aimed at satellites, it is now reported that the Starlink satellites linked to Elon Musk and supposedly used by Zelensky for communication, are now down.

As such, I am wondering whether what I interpreted as a Russian laser could have been a microwave. Microwave extends up to 1cm. Let us say we wanted 1m divergence over 100km, that would require a microwave antenna 1km wide. 10m divergence would need one 100m wide. If you were to concentrate microwaves into a 100m x 100m space at 100km, the antenna need only be 10m wide. That is not so crazy. Let’s say 1kw per square meter, then that is 10megawatt. The yellow glow, could just be hot air, in the same way as soot from a candle glows yellow, but obviously there is a lot less soot in the air. It might just work. Obviously needs more investigation, but I’ll leave that up to people paid to do that.

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Are US using “lasers” now?

I have no idea of the source of this or the date. The only clue is the tag for “Utah” and the US accent. But in light of the previous post where there is a suggestion of Russians using lasers to blind satellites, this could be interpreted as the US retaliating. It isn’t a sun burst as there are two of them in different directions. It doesn’t look like an explosion as the intensity of light appears to remain the same. Hard to explain. Not exactly the same as what was seen in Russia, but has similarities.

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Russians using lasers to blind satellites near Ukraine?

I came across an unusual post on a Russian Telegram channel. The text associated with it said (in translation):

Similar glows have already been seen in Murmansk, Belgorod, Moscow and Omsk. Coordinated work on the use of the “peresvet” laser complex or the even newer “Luchezar” is very likely. I do not rule out training in blinding satellites in order to mask the routes of movement of our complexes with nuclear weapons, as well as training in hiding the potential moment of launching a nuclear missile. More terrible than the nuclear attack itself can only be the threat of a nuclear attack.”

This shows a variety of pictures. I sent copies to a well known blogger who replied in a very offhand way that they were rays of sunshine aka “sun pillar“, which I grant you is just possible if you only look at the following picture and ignore the fact that the brightest part of a sun beam is at the sun, not a strong spot on the cloud as shown.

But that explanation becomes impossible to sustain if you look at the following image which shows two parallel columns of light:

This is even harder to sustain, if you look at the following video which shows that the two vertical columns, from this different viewpoint are nearly 90 degrees apart (so if one is east the other is north). Sun rays, caused by clouds, all go toward a single point, namely the sun. What we are seeing in these images are vertical and do not head to the sun.

Which leaves me wondering what they are. I will go through a few possible explanations:

Visible laser display

This is an obvious possibility, but when I have seen visible lasers being shone into the sky, they have a much more distinct form. However, I don’t think this can be ruled out. But the local people commenting are not aware of lasers being used for show. One possibility is that it is part of some propaganda or psychological campaign.

Visible laser to obscure the ground

Another possibility is that they are deliberately using the cloud to as a “projector” to block out imaging from above. Much in the way of shining a bright light at someone. If so, the lasers are too narrow as they clearly form a single spot on the cloud. If you were wanting to block out satellite or other imaging, you would want light to cover the area being obscured. However, it is possible they are aiming to stimulate something much higher in the atmosphere. It may also be the optics of spy satellites are incredibly sensitive and even a bit of extra light will blind them.

Non-visible laser to obscure ground

Generally, if you want to block visible imaging, you need to shine visible light toward the camera. But at night time you would be using IR. So perhaps this is an IR laser and the yellow glow is a secondary effect of a very strong IR laser.

Bizarrely the diffuse nature of the light could indicate that they are focussed way above the atmosphere. In other words, they are a laser, but in the first kilometres of the atmosphere the beam is very wide and it is only focussed when it gets to space. This might improve beam transmission.

Beam to damage spy satellite

To get a lot of energy through cloud when these images do not show a lot of visible light would require that the light is a secondary effect. So there is a primary energy beam which is then stimulating light emission. This would make some sense as visible light does not easily pass through clouds. So, perhaps it could be explained by either long IR, or perhaps x-ray/gamma rays. Neither of these form “lasers” in the conventional sense, as a laser uses energy jumps within the valence bands of an atom and these are all way above long IR and below x-ray. But there were x-ray lasers that were proposed under the “star wars” program. There are similar ideas that have been suggested under the title of “Directed-energy weapon (DEW) programs”.

I am not saying these are impossible, but I am not aware of them ever being practically implemented.

Particle beams

And finally, thinking outside the box, in (science fiction) theory it might be possible to make what I suppose might be called a naser (nuclear amplification by stimulated emission and radiation) which would be a nuclear reaction that is not just directional, but highly directional, and which creates a beam of alpha, beta, gamma or neutrons. However, the stimulated emission I’ve seen from nuclear (such as at Chernobyl) has been blue. Even if it were not incredibly unlikely, it still doesn’t fit.

A hoax

Finally perhaps the images and videos are themselves a hoax or black ops?


I do not know what it is. At any other time, I would have to opt for a “light display” even though it doesn’t look like it. But in this context, given the way they are said to have been deployed, I cannot rule out the possibility of a new technology to blind or even destroy spy satellites.

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Putin Speech and signing of agreement with four regions taking them into Russia.

I listened to some of the speech. It is interesting. I wish the people’s of the regions all the best, as I do of everyone in Ukraine and Russia. This hatred should never have been allowed to develop, and those in the US and perhaps elsewhere, who deliberately stoked it up, should rot in hell. We live in crazy times.

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US commits act of war against Germany

There is now overwhelming evidence that the US, or to be precise BuyDem, committed an act of war against both Germany and Russia. Yet, despite this obvious fact, journalists were blatantly lying with a “Russia did it” narrative which even they knew was a lie.

We are heading to war. Not because anything that Putin did, but because the press are suffering yet another of their derangement syndromes, but this time the object of their hatred is not Trump, or climate, or Covid, but Putin.

US Air Force helicopters conducted a series of sorties in the area where the Nord Stream explosion and the mysterious gas leak occurred just days ago, much ahead of the accident that Europe claims may have been a ‘sabotage’, Oleg Makarov, military and defence analyst and co-founder of Vatfor claimed on Tuesday. The trajectory of the flight of the American helicopters with the callsign ‘FFAB123’ coincided with the site in the Baltic Sea where the major gas leaks subsequently took place on the Nord Stream pipelines to Europe

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