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More #frackinggate

“My client’s interest is to end American energy independence. Your interest is to end fracking … we don’t care who is funding it, if it comes out it is funded by middle eastern oil … we work for whoever shows … Continue reading

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BBC show their colour – no mention of Frackinggate

Perhaps one of the biggest environmental scandals has come up. It is already covered by the FT, Independent, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Herald Scotland, even the Guardian since 9.30 this morning but not … the BBC. Just about says it all … Continue reading

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UKIP: The revolution is upon us.

Back in January I began realising that society was going through a massive social change as a result of social media. It started with the realisation that the mainstream on climate was no longer the “mainstream” media, but in reality … Continue reading

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Sustainable Capitalism

This is a paper I wrote 2003 and sent to the UK conservative party. No idea if anyone read it, but sad to say, after this paper, the conservatives “went green”. Although from before I knew there is no real … Continue reading

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Climate scientists are Nazi Paedophiles?

If I had actually said “Climate scientists are Nazi Paedophiles” how long would it be before the BBC and the whole warmist chatterarti of academia would be condemning me? So, why do government ministers and BBC broadcasters feel they can … Continue reading

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