Alice in Wokeland.

For many years I’ve fought against the insanity of anti-science climate extremism. But, now I’m rather happy, that I didn’t succeed, or at least, in the insanity of a world where the US and UK are now attacking Russia, it is the insanity of the Climate Extremists, who are making it impossible for the insane people running the US and UK to prosecute their insane war against the Russian Federation.

Russia was funding climate extremism in the west, just in the same way as the Soviet Union funded the unions who destroyed our coal and heavy industry. I knew from the moment I found out that Russia was funding our cliamte extremists, that this was an attack on the west, but what I did not know, was that they were responding to the west who were planning to attack Russia. Russia was laying the groundwork of its defences through a variety of programs, including climate, that undermined the west’s ability to successfully prosecute a war against the Russian Federation. And, it has been a tremendous success (and in the unlikely event anyone from the Kremlin reads this: well played! You deserve your victory!)

It’s rather bizarre: I now look at all the things I utterly detest about the west, and I realise that almost all of them have undermined the west’s ability to wage war with Russia and China. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

So, in the madness of the western elite wanting to start a nuclear war with Russia and China, the only thing that makes them hold back, is the utter calamnity of the woke, alarmist, paranoic culture that the wetern “elite” have created. For example, all those transgender US generals who are so putting off young men from joining the US military: they are the ones stopping WWIII and nuclear armageddon. I never saw that coming!

Of course, I could ask the question: “If Russia and China had not interfered so much in Westeren culture to create the woke calamnity we now have, would the west have still been so insane as to go to war with Russia?” But, like the Russian and Chinese elite, I’m not sure how this Alice in Wokeland culture of the west would have behaved without them. The Furthermore, the Russians and Chinese, would have only helped the woke culture flourish and guided it toward their own ends, but fundamentally I think its roots are very western.

Which, leaves me wondering: should I actually start supporting the climate extremists nuts? Should I even support woke?

yours Alice?

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