Global Temperature still not doing anything

A while back I started using the concept of the “Data python” to explain how a small amount of data gives a lot of wriggle room, but as the data python grows, the amount of wriggle rooms reduces and reduces.

Unfortunately, that concept can’t deal with data that is deliberately tampered with or e.g. satellites that are under the control of NASA who in the past has shown a willingness to forge data on climate. So, with that proviso, what does the UAH data produced by Roy Spencer show us?

The simple answer is: not a lot. It neither supports catastrophic runaway warming, nor could anyone say it is currently cooling. Instead it is consistent with the normal natural variation that we see in the climate record, which often shows apparent trends of warming or cooling.

In other words, given the fact there are no trends in extreme weather and no support for a determination of “emergency” and given the above really doesn’t show anything concerning, in an evidence based world, most people wouldn’t even know about global temperature let alone rate climate as an issue.

But, at least it doesn’t show cooling! Indeed, I rather hope that it never shows cooling in mine, or my children’s or my grandchildren’s time. Because cooling could signify the beginning of the next ice-age. And, if you think the global warming nutters are insane, just you wait till we get the “the next ice-age is coming” nutters.

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