What is the purpose of spam?

Why do email accounts get so much spam? Why do websites get so much spam? Originally, it was what people think it is: people trying to sell us thinks and various scams. But, I don’t think that is true any longer. Take, for example, the supposed “Russian” spam that many people get. Why woud anyone deliberately use Russian email addresses and even Russian text to a UK address? The reason is to discredit the Russians. So, it’s been obvious for a while that a lot of the spam was from the Deep State in the US deliberately trying to create anti Russian feeling.

But, likewise, the big corps are trying to destroy any independent sites and any independent email addresses. Because they gain huge amounts of secret information by reading each and every email that people post. So, deluging the web (except big corps) with spam, drives people to use the big corps for the emails, and for their discussions (like Disqus), so that these big corps are constantly gathering information on us. And that is then used to brainwash people, so that a majority of people are now totally at the control of whatever Big Corps want them to believe. They think covid is the end of the world and not just flu, because Big Pharma still makes money from covid. They think the world has totally changed from “global warming”, although there is no discernable change that any individual could possible connect to the supposed temperature change, which is too small for precision instruments of impartial scientists to detect.

As for the racism of Russia-phobia, and anti-British racism from those who watch the Biased Brainwashing Cult.

So, after years of not working (which didn’t concern me too much as I really should have turned off comments entirely), I’ve just ditched Disqus.

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