Ukraine is a fight for the future of freedom

Russia is going to win against the forces of woke in Ukraine, which will see the beginning of the collapse of the DemonRat US, the EU and many other woke institutions that have been such a horror of the last years.

The losers are the poor people of Ukraine, who through years of brainwashing propaganda have been coerced to become western puppet Nazis: racists, willing to kill Russians for being Russian. However, there is nothing I can do about them. They stayed in a country run by a western puppet despot, and whether they went willingly or not, they allowed themselves to become part of this appalling war against Russians.

Likewise, those people who vote for woke parties, deserve the endless economic and social gloom that these woke parties have DELIIBERATELY manufactured in the UK, US, EU, and English speaking countries. Politicians made it very clear they intended to destroy our countries through Net Zero, Illegal break-ins to our country and a host of other socially destructive policies, yet people continued to vote for these parties. If you vote for a party that has in its manifesto, the destruction of the fossil fuel economy, you cannot complain when that destruction takes place!

Fortunately one place stood against the forces of woke globalism: Russia. And, now Russia has a real incentive to see the destruction of those who have caused so much damage to our society.

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