Nato’s Nazis are losing

The bizarre thing about the Ukrainian war, is seeing the behaviour of those vile organisations, who for years attacked anyone who dared disagree with their woke vendetta against humanity of being “Nazis”.

Unfortunately, I cannot post the videos showing the children of Ukraine with their Nazis salutes or their Nazi supporting songs, because they are as much victims of Zelenksy’s Nazis as the Russian speaking civilians they brutalised & murdered for 8 years. However, it is very clear that people who glorified in their Nazi links are now being fully supported by the Biased Brainwashing Cult and the Guardian.

Now, we all knew the BBC and Guardian were totalitarian fascists, who only needed the light shone of them to show them for what they really are: extremists! So, no one should be surprised at the BBC and Guardian. So, what is new? What is new, is that finally the fascists are losing!

The Russians, through … well I’m not going to say how … instead I will just say that Nato has thrown all its available weaponry and money into the firey pit and the explosion has come back to hit them. So, like all crazy people … they want to throw more!

This is a war of the controlled media, Totalitarian WEF and the woke against the cold reality of damp wet trenches and Russian shells. Nato is a vile organisation … set up to perpetuate a war against Russia. And, with that as its only objective … it failed! What is the point of it?

Better still, the USian hard liners, in their gender free “army”, are now going nuts! Huffing and puffing demanding to nuke Russia in the worst comedy fashion.

And, to cap it all, the US is about to push itself into a recession … one it may never come out of. The reason, is that the US has been funding itself by creaming money of the world’s financial system which it controlled when the dollar was the go to currency of the world. But, it made the strategic mistake of saying “if you want to use our currency, you can’t trade with Russia” … to countries that had no intendion of ending their trade with Russia and were delighted to see a reason to end using the dollar. The US & EU are now locked into a war, which is destroying their economies, whilst they destroy the western financial system that has sustained the US and through it the EU in global position of power.

The US and EU are now in a dire straight. Their only way out of this mess, is to capitulate to Russia, something that the totalitarian woke regimes currently in power could never countenance. But, the longer they keep up their war with Russia, the more the dollar, and the power of the US and EU wanes. It is a war the US and EU cannot win! That is a world of woke hatred, which I have to admit had a few good points, but to be honest, it never did much for me, so I really cannot say I will mourn its passing. But best of all it seems it may be a war that destroys the power base of the woke Nazi fascists that have grabbed onto the reins of power in the west, to be replaced by those with a firmer grasp of reality.

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