The West is Falling

Throughout the west, and particularly the US, governments have been massively increasing their debt, at the same time as going for the long term economic suicide through Net Zero and destroying out societies by a host of woke policies.

The inevitability of collapse, “if nothing is done” is obvious. But the means of that collapse was opaque. The Ukraine conflict has crystalised that for me.

The key is watching the relentless pounding of Zelensky’s Nazis (or at least the people forced to fight for his Nazis) by a never ending stream of Russian basic weapons, whilst the west’s supposedly superior weapons have proven useless (High tech does not equal reliable) and the destruction of western manufacturing now shows in the total inability to supply from all the Nato countries anything near as much armament as Russia on its own.

The west could never win a conventional war against Russia, and seeing how Russia constantly suprised the west, I doubt we could win a nuclear conflict either.

Add to that the realisation, that the moment the west decided to do away with the old free market in energy and insist that countries can pick and choose, whilst they intended that to be the west could choose whether to take Russian oil and gas (through the front door, they still took it by middle men), the reality is that it also means that Russian and others can pick and choose whether they supply to the west. And, the arrogance of the west assuming that Russia will just go back to supply oil and gas is absolutely mind boggling. Energy is the lifeblood of an economy. The end of energy=the end of our economy, may be a lot nearer than I imagined.

To add to the stupidity of the west, quite literally the west stole Russian money. Russia is not going to go back to normal with the west until not only that money is repaid, but it has had some kind of compensation for all the Russian lives lost as a result of having to go and protect civilians in Ukraine from Nato supplied armaments. When Nato had pretended to go along with peace, in order to equip Ukraine for war. The behaviour of the west can only be called “spiteful” and full of hate.

Weaponisation of the Dollar

However, the greatest damage was done by the US, who literally shot itself in the foot, by weaponising the dollar. The dollar used to be the international currency of exchange, being the biggest and most stable currency. Now every country in the world, can see that holding dollars is a risk, because it allows the US to try to do what it tried to do to Russia. And, with the US under BuyDem being as corrupt as it gets and acting like an Alzheimic bully, the rest of the world, not only wants free of the dollar, but as the US power and influence wanes relative to other countries, they can be free of the dollar.

The fall of the dollar

The problem for the US, is that they have absolutely staggering levels of debt, much of it denied (yet reported in the House of Lords).  If it were a company, they would be calling in the administrators or even the police. When countries start selling the dollar, there will be a massive excess of dollars, which will cause the price of the dollar to fall. The necessary response to that is for the US central bank to buy up those excess dollars to keep the price high. But the US and all those poodle countries like the UK who might support the US, have instead of having the economic vitality to buy up currency, are going through a prolongued episode of printing money, because that is their only way to survive.

So, whilst the EU and others will be pressurised to support the failing dollar, their own stupidity of cutting off their energy supplies to support the Nazis in Ukraine and thereby do even more damage to their economies, is very likely to come back and bite them really hard, as first the dollar, and then all the countries alligned to the dollar with massive debts (public and private) start seeing a run on their currencies. A run that cannot be stopped except by the support of all those countries that now look at their attack on Russia and know that the US-UK-EU will be coming for them next, if they get away with Ukraine.

52 Countries bombed by US since WWII

If you doubt that the rest of the world would just let the US collapse, the sobering figure is the number of countries that the US has bombed since WWII. And this is not Russian precision weaponry, hitting a single transformer in a power station supplying electricity for trains bringing in Nato weapons. No! The US goes in for carpet boombing using “shock and awe” and “calateral damage” on a gigantic scale as a deliberate cold and calculated terror tactic and then calls others “terrorists” for daring to fight back.

If you exclude Europe, that is an awful lot of countries where there are many people with a grudge against the US and its allies. And, as they have grown wealthier and more powerful in the last century, they are now in a position to push the US and its allies to the side and trade very happily amongst themselves with no need to turn to the arrogant ungrateful economically suicidal US or its allies.

Russia is not exactly friendly now

Having alienated Russia, by going along with the Minsk treaty which Russia had hoped to bring peace in Ukraine, whilst supplying arms to Zelensky to keep the violence going, thereby forcing Russia to take action in Ukraine, and thereby causing probably ten thousand deaths to Russians, in a war created by the EU and US, I doubt the Russians have  much good will toward the west. After the west’s appalling treatment of Russia, they will they can to help precipitate the fall of the west. And, with so many other countries full of resentment toward the US and eager to see its demise, it is not difficult to see a snowball effect leading to the ostracisation of the US, EU & UK by much of the world, as new alliances and trade links are formed.

I think someone once said: “you shall reep what you sowed”. The US, EU and UK attempted to isolate and destroy Russia. Now that is what the world may do to the US, EU and UK using the same tactics they attempted, but with far more success, because unlike Russia, the US, EU & UK are an economic shambles,

The Delusional Arrogance of Western Politicians and Media

For years, the politicians and media in the west have decided that they will force through a political agenda which they know is absolutely despised by the vast majority of their voters. They have manipulated the news, told blatant lies almost daily, all to create an atmosphere where they can distract the public fromt their real intent and blame others for the damage they are doing.

True … a large part of the blame lies with the complacency of Western electorates who largely don’t give a damn about the integrity of their elections or the honesty of their media, or even their own freedom of speech, so long as they personally are not affected, which really means so long as they have been brainwashed to go along with the delusional “reality” that the media creates to keep the population in control.

So, clone like the majority all have the same views on so many subjects … until it comes to their own economic position, where even relentless media brainwashing does not work. They know their pay packet cannot buy what it used to buy, and no amount of blaming others will change their need to restore their economic position. Hence the endless strikes and general and growing hate of government and all in it.

But, that is the problem with delusion: it doesn’t match reality. Yes the powers that be and the controlled media have gone into mega drive to lie to the public, but the result is only that the reality in the west, is fast departing from what any electorate, even a media brainwashed one,  will tolerate. Hence the growing public debt, as politicians desperately strive to make reality match the delusion: to both destroy the economy through policies like Net Zero, whilst having to pretend the economy is thriving. It will not go on! And, Ukraine, seems to have created the conditions, to precipitate the end. The West have shown they cannot be trusted, they have shown the dollar is no longer sustainable as a “go-to” currency, and they are incapable of supporting the dollar, when it collapses.

And, having created a delusion to hide the already bad reality, when it gets even worse, the delusion they created will be further and further from the truth, and it is only a matter of time before people question, not just the economic reality but everything else and start to see that they are being lied to through the media and by government. Then, there will be a large jump in views, a tectonic shift in public attitude, as the public becomes very hostile to those in power … at a time of massive economic stress. Not a great recipe!

Today’s Videos

These are two videos I saw today. The first is yet another video of how Zelensky’s thugs treat people. I did think about posting the one showing them hanging a pregnant woman, the one showing them crucifying someone and then burning them alive. I thought about the one showing them torturing and abusing a naked woman. I could have shown them shooting or abusing Russian prisoners. I could show the pit of civilians they shot. But instead all I will show, is not their violence, there is no need to show that, instead I will merely show their utter contempt for Russian speakers in Ukraine. You do not need to see the rest. And have no doubt this is clearly officially sanctioned.

And now Putin. A statesman. A man who should be proud if his army for the way they treat prisoners. An army that needs no prompting to avoid civilian casualties.

Yes, there were incidents like the poisoning in Salsbury. But, having seen the appalling behaviour of the UK blowing up the German-Russian pipeline. Having seen the way British special forces attempted to attack a nuclear power station with the risk of a nuclear incident. I don’t think we have the moral highground.

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