Sad day for Ukraine – what next?

It has been pretty obvious for a while that Russia was not going to meekly depart from the areas of Russian speakers who have been brutalised by US supported Nazis in Ukraine. And, let’s be frank, when I say “US support”, I mean that small group who also support Israel.

When Russia held the referendums and proved that overwhelmingly the people of the regions it held, wanted to be part of the Russian Federation, there was a chance for peace. But this war has never been about what Ukrainians wanted. Instead it is a small group of people in the US wanting regime change in Moscow. So, they have ensured every peace deal has been torpedoed from the Minsk agreement, to the one earlier this year, to the Turkish proposals. They wanted war, and Ukrainians deaths do not matter to them. It is a sad day.

It has been obvious that Russia was not going to continue to give up ground, even though this was at huge cost in terms of men and equipment for Zelensky. Zelensky is running out of tanks … and his forces can only use out of date Soviet era tanks … they are almost scouring the museum collections of Europe to get the few such models that still exist to supply him. And, his forces are totally outgunned and totally without air support. All his forces had, was the willingness of Zelensky to murder 100s of thousands of them on gaining a few bits of ground.

For the last week, we have now seen the Russians holding their ground and repelling all attempts to push forward by Zelensky’s forces and even minor gains for Russia of Zaitseve and reports that Zelensky’s forces are about to depart Bakhmut, a key part of the attack on Russian Donetsk.

But, who could say what they were planning. Indeed, I saw no point speculating. But, clearly there has been an escalation of activity when General Surovikin took over sole control. Today (his birthday) we are seeing, what I hear are cruise missiles being fired all over Zelensky’s area of control.

It is an inevitable escalation caused by the refusal of the west to respect the democratic wishes of those who want to join the Russian Federation.

That small group in the US did not allow Ukraine to have peace. Now Ukrainians are suffering. Indeed, Russians are suffering, the fuel poor in Europe are suffering. And, the only way I can see to end that suffering is for the quickest resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. Given that Ukrainians are not allowed peace, and that they haven’t had the sense to deal with the “leader” imposed on them from afar, the path that reduces death & suffering is a quick defeat for Zelensky. And, a Russian army that continues to maintain the high level of respect for civilians that we have so far seen. But unfortunately, war brings death, but at least the Russians bury the enemy with respect, whereas Zelensky has been killing any Russian speakers who “collaborated” with Russia. And, let’s be clear what they mean by “collaborating” … that includes distributing food supplied by Russia to civilians. I cannot say that those that Zelensky’s thugs are killing include those who were distributing food, but they were executed without any judicial process and treated with total contempt, described by one thug as “killing pigs”. That is how much hatred those vile people in the US have stirred up.

Russia has called up 300,000 reservists. These are people who have some experience in conflict. In contrast, I hear that Zelensky is conscripting women, and I saw one video showing a “how to fire your gun” leaflet that had been found. These Russian forces include Chechens, which supposedly means experienced combat troops known for aggressive fighting. It seems an unequal contest.

Now, we see a build up of forces on the (NW) Belarus border. It is reported that Zelensky’s forces have been laying anti-tank mines on the roads across the border. Is this an indication of a full scale attack aimed at Kiev? Or is it a diversion to hold large numbers of Zelenksy’s forces up in the NW, whilst Surovikin drives in a wedge elsewhere?

And, how will the US respond? It is already widely known there are US and UK troops on the ground fighting against Russia, but that is not currently officially acknowledged. They are already pouring in mercenaries … who the Russians appear to take particular delight in removing. I just look at it and think: “some pour kid will not have their dad/grandad home for Christmas” … and for what? For a war that has nothing to do with us and little to do with what Ukrainians want.

Unfortunately, we live at a time of totally bonkers politics. Where a common cold shuts down the country, where Europe is cutting off its fuel to spite its frost bitten face. And the US is just evil. Those on Epstein’s island abusing children … never prosecuted. BuyDem union not yet convicted and “10% for the big guy” still in power. Corruption is rife in the US … and that corruption is driving the war in Ukraine. And, unfortunately, the US’s response will be what those corrupt individuals dictate.

But, it does not look good for the US. BuyDem recently visited Saudi Arabia to order them to increase production. Their response was to cut back. And, for understandable reasons given the US are fighting a war in Syria, and occupying Syrian land (see the double standards!) The US, or at least that small group who think they own the US, also think they own the middle east and can dictate what happens. Hence the Russian support for Syria against that group, is likely to be the cause of attempting to get rid of Putin. So, they can install a “friendly” candidate so that Russia is controlled like the US.

But the US is running out of money, and from the Saudi response, it is running out of friends as well. US power is waning. The only place it still has power is in Europe through its control over the press and media. Hence the totally bonkers politics … they are literally able to brainwash politicians through their control over the legacy and social medias. Which isn’t a lot of use, when the US and Europe are about to face economic collapse and with it their global influence.

And, that is why the small group in the US, may decide that regime change in Russia is not worth it. Because, if the US goes down the pan, then so do the US “friends” in the middle east. So, the Ukrainians may just be allowed peace, to get regime change in the US and save the US from economic collapse.


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