Ukraine: who is winning the PR war?

Until recently, it was pretty obvious that Russia, whilst winning the real conflict, was being totally outgunned in the PR war. Ukraine & their CIA buddies were pumping out totally ridiculous PR which was being lapped up by the gullible/paid-to western press.

Then, recently I started seeing a lot more pro-Russian “viral videos” appearing, and it seemed like Putin had finally cottoned on to the power of social media.

However, perhaps I’ve got Putin’s strategy entirely wrong. There is a saying in Judo, which is that you should use the opponent’s strength against them. Zelensky was a PR con artist, his backers can easily flood the western media with their lies. And, perhaps Putin, rightly, figured that allowing them to do that, would gain him the sympathy vote from those people who quickly tired on the one-sided reporting from the western media.

So, what was Putin’s target in the PR war? It seems to me, his real target was the Ukrainians fighting the conflict. For them, the constant lies about “winning” the war from Zelensky, whilst they were basically abandoned to their fate, cannot have exactly boosted morale. The stories that their leaders are making themselves rich by selling Nato equipment to the Russians, will not go down well either. Nor does the now repeated theme of Ukrainian soldiers airing their views about how poorly the conflict is being run.

And, now what can the CIA stooges do? They now have a reputation for outrageous lies amongst the Ukrainians on the front line, and so even if they started telling the truth, they wouldn’t be believed. Game set and match!


After writing this article an intriguing prospect occurred to me.

Putin has won the propaganda war, not least because the reality of the war as seen by the poor Ukrainians who were forced to the front line, was so at odds with the lies being published in the western press (which I assume were echoes of what they saw).

I cannot imagine anything so demoralising as being thoroughly beaten by the Russians, whilst your family and friends at home are being told you are winning.

I assumed the deluge of baloney was just a fortuitous cockup by the western media. But, what if it wasn’t a cockup, but was Putin’s intention? What if Putin, knowing he couldn’t get the corrupt liars in the western media to print anything good about him, decided to use that against them and to flood the western media with totally unbelievable bs which would end up discrediting them and undermining morale in the Ukrainian army?

Is Putin, the source of much of the totally unbelievable rubbish we have seen in the western media? Thinking about it, I’m betting it was. What a blinder!

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