It’s coming folks!

For years, China has been undermining the west, taking over our Universities to turn them woke and push anti-western economic suicidal climate hysteria. They’ve stolen our technology bought their way into government, and no doubt they have dirt on almost every major politician and can bring them down to order. They have bought up our media and tech so that they control almost everything anyone sees on the “mainstream” media and by those means, they control our society.

Now Tucker Carlson says: “covid was a Chinese Bioweapon”. Not because the virus was a military grade weapon, but because the Chinese have used it as a Bioweapon to destroy the western economies, and via a torrent of anti-government hysteria linked to insane government policies, to destroy confidence in western governments.

Now, the next step appears to be under way: to bring down western leaders, both those who were their puppets and those who were not. And, with Britain now in turmoil on Johnson’s departure (soon to be replaced by a Bidenisk Chinese controlled puppet), all they now need is to turn the US into a cauldron of anti-government fear, to ensure that the west is totally powerless to take action when China finally makes its move.

So, what happens now? Ukraine was just a distraction … one to keep the west and Russia’s eyes from the real threat to world peace: China. But, no doubt the Chinese will stir up things in Ukraine to drag the Russians even further into the quagmire. Then they will pour onto the web all the incriminating material they have on Buydem and everyone else who was on Epstein’s island …. whilst censoring it all on the “mainstream” … to ensure the US public totally lose any and all confidence if both the US government, the “law-enforcement” agencies and the “mainstream media”.

At the same time, the west will implode in strikes, food shortages, etc. etc. And, finally, the last part of their plan: as the west is preoccupied in bitter infighting and most western “leaders” are found to be corrupt and need replacing, China has a way to place Taiwan in a position where the “people” there are “demanding the Chinese take over” … which it will obligingly do, as the west will be totally incapable of responding.

With Johnson going and lost his authority, and with BuyDem damaging material pouring onto the internet, and with Russia all but won the war in Ukraine, the Chinese do not have much time to release the hounds of hell upon us.

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