After Net Zero and Covid

Despite the feverish attempts to keep the covid and net-zero narrative going, the writing is clearly on the wall.

Covid is now at the stage where the lawyers are getting involved in damage done by the jab, and as I’ve not seen a single study that shows the jab, the lockup or the muzzles were helpful, it’s pretty clear where that is heading.

Likewise, with the whole of Europe looking like it might collapse due to the lack of fossil fuels and price rises continuing and even accelerating, the Net Zero policies that caused it all, are not exactly popular. Indeed, I suspect those who are smarting most, are those on the left, which is going to particularly hit academia with its left leaning sympathies.

So, quite bizarrely, those who are traditionally most resistant to these policies, may have least idea how much the mood is changing on the left.

Disappearing Political Support

For the last 25 years, I’ve lived with the idea that there is mass support for “doing something” about climate. But, given the quite momentous changes as the Eurozone looks set to go into recession and indeed, potential political collapse, I can easily see that disappearing quite rapidly.

Putin funded Green groups, those groups did Putin’s bidding and made the west reliant on Putin’s oil, making western government impotent to do anything about Ukraine … albeit fortunately, given Ukraine was not a war we should have been part of as it was about Bidem’s corruption and Nato expansion. However, whatever the past rights and wrongs of Ukraine, Putin will now be emboldened and more willing to act, but the west, at least some of the west, will now have realised his strategy in funding the greens.

When you add to that the massive price rises in fuel, and soon almost everything else we make, the implications are immense and the stupidity of net zero is going to be so obvious it cannot be denied.

But, what happens then? The climate hysteria might have been manufactured by Putin’s agents in the Green groups, but the belief in the climate hysteria will not disappear, even if the cost of living crisis becomes more important.

It seems a crisis is looming for the left. Which is odd, because almost all the focus in British politics is currently about the crisis in the Tories with the Toxic Johnson as PM. It is Tory MPs threatening to leave the Tories for labour … whilst labour appears to be riding pretty.

However, the Tories will have absolutely no problem ditching Net Zero, whilst Labour will tear itself apart on the issue. Likewise the covid restrictions. Given half a chance, Tories will ditch them all but many in labour will be instinctively wedded to them.

Not quite what I would have thought.

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