WWIII is coming

I hear today that Truss is sending weaponry to Taiwan. After the abysmal failure to achieve anything useful in Ukraine, because Putin successfully neutralised the west long before the first shot, by funding our green groups, and because Buydem’s corruption left us supporting a “military genius” who put all his weapons on one supermarket, not just Putin, but China are laughing at the west.

Like Russia, China has been running their own black ops: funding woke in Universities to cause social disintegration, and encouraging the force through of policies that sent all our strategic manufacturing to China (and Taiwan). So, the west is now as, or perhaps more, impotent when it comes to a war with China. Particularly as the west has now exhausted stock piles of weapons in Ukraine (helpfully placed together by the comedian where Putin could blow them up with one missile).

So, the west’s ability to fight a conventional war with China, will last a matter of weeks … indeed, it is debatable whether the west has the fossil fuels to get its current armament to Taiwan! Yes, lots of huffing and puffing and threatening nuclear, but that is all the west can do, and China will just reveal its own nuclear armament.

But, could it turn worse? Is it possible that China will stop at Taiwan, and instead decide to use the West’s complete impotence to “demilitarise the west”? I now think that is a real possibility: that the Chinese will respond to western sanctions with a very aggressive response effectively taking over the west.

IMPOSSIBLE! you will say.

No it isn’t and I will explain how. Look at Epstein Island. Here there were something like 10,000 rapes on young children, going on whilst people like Clinton visited the island, yet not one of those doing the rapes has been charged with a crime. It must have been a blackmail operation, one that caught many politicians, journalists and celebrities making it impossible for anyone to speak out, because even if they weren’t directly involved, many in the law enforcement agencies clearly were. So, anyone speaking up will find themselves under investigation. Someone controls all these people, and through it the US establishment.

The US establishment is corrupt to the core … and who might have funded that? My bet is a foreign power. Which means the US establishment is effectively controlled from abroad.

If that is right, it is now very easy for China to take over the US. With Big Tech now brainwashing people, it’s very easy to see what China’s next target will or perhaps HAS been. Like the deafening silence on Epstein Island, the Chinese take over of the west, can take place without the pubic even hearing about it. That’s because China already have the means to control western populations through the internet in the same Totalitarian way they do in the east … and it was our stupid politicians and the morons in Big Tech who made it possible, through measures like the “online safety bill” that created the means for them to legally censor and control the internet. If/when China takes us over … most people will never ever know it.

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