ADE has occurred

A threshold has been crossed that makes ADE the most serious threat facing the UK, if not the world, since at least WWII.

Because there is now evidence that ADE can occur as a result of the covid jab. This changes the risk from “theoretical” to “reality”, but there is also possible good news, as it is still possible that the impact will be low.

“Laboratory findings are theoretical. But it is worrying when you see it in real life. Only a fraction of those who had COVID-19, then got vaccinated and had a breakthrough infection had a decreased antibody response. (4/20 or 20%).” (link)

If severity of this concern were on a scale of 1 (no concern) to 5 (certainty of large scale death) I would say, given that the jab is not reducing infections and has seen twice the expected rate of deaths from the Indian variant, that the level of warning has just gone up from 2 to 3. It is not inevitable we will see large scale deaths or serious illness, but ADE from the covid jab is now a reality and not just a theoretical possibility.

The next questions are: “will it cause deaths or serious illness”, “will it cause large scale deaths or serious illness”, and “is there any cure or effective treatment”.

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