Peak Sheeple

The number of people who have gullibly gone along with the covid scam is astonishing. But even their gullibility is being strained by the lack of any benefit from the jabs as Big Pharma now roll out their latest money making scam of yearly boosters for a jab that doesn’t work.

What do I mean by “doesn’t work”. According the the 2019 definition of a vaccine … it produced immunity which stops people getting infected. By that definition, the jab has utterly failed as those over 30 are (slightly) more likely to test positive for covid.

Likewise, the death rate is also not on the jabs favour. The Indian variant in India showed 5% of the deaths per head of population compared to the UK variants in the UK. So, we would expect that without a jab, the Indian variant being so benign, would have around 5% of the deaths of the previous variants. What has been the result since we got both the jab and the Indian variant? The death rate is now 10% of what is was before the jab … or double what we would expect if we only had the Indian variant.

And that failure to reduce deaths was clearly visible in the Spring when those age groups who had got the jab showed no reduction in excess deaths compared to other age groups. Nor did they finish the epidemic earlier “due to” the jab.

I grant that we might expect undercounting of deaths in India, but even so, a doubling of the death rate in the UK is not evidence of success. However, it would be difficult to say it proves the jab is increasing covid deaths. On balance the null hypothesis (no significant effect) wins.

However, the “null hypothesis” of no effect is what we can say of the supposed benefit of the jab. But, when we start accounting for all the deaths and injuries already caused by the jab … and then factor in the unknown quantity of the number of deaths and long term illness caused by the jab, it becomes a no brainer that the jab was an appalling thing, for almost all people (I might be convinced of a benefit for those who had serious conditions which made them particularly vulnerable to covid, and who had a very short life-expectancy).

Now, I grant that the above needs a bit of knowledge and research … especially when the media still lie about the “effectiveness” of the jab. But people were let to believe by the UK government vile psyops nudge unit, that the jab would be the end of the abuses of human rights and lead to a prompt return to normal.

It does not take any maths to know that was a blatant lie.

Likewise the lockup. A leaked memo revealed that the UK governments own estimate of the “success” of the lockup was that it reduced deaths by 5%. If we assume 120,000 deaths that is 6000 lives “saved”. The cost of the lockup was, according to UK government, in excess of £300billion. That makes the cost per life £50million. But with an average age of death of 83 (higher than normal) and with almost all having multiple conditions the best we figure we could use of their life expectancy is 10 years (but that is very high as in reality it could be less than a year). So, the average cost per year of life “saved” was £5million. Which is  200x the maximum permitable cost of treatment in the NHS. Or to put it another way, for each year of covid life “saved”, we could have saved more than 200 years of life simply by having no lockup and putting the money into the NHS. Or to put it another way, if we had put a mere £1.5billion into the NHS and no lockup, we would have saved more lives (note we are now having to put in far more than that 1.5billion into the NHS to clear up the mess from the lockup)

And this appalling cost of the lockup … is before we start to factor in all the deaths caused by lockup. And when even lack of cancer treatment is predicted to cause 30,000 deaths, it is not difficult to see the death rate from the lockup far exceeds any suggested “saving”.

Peak Sheeple

if the jab had actually worked … people might have believed that the insane lockup was “worth it” … despite the economic insanity. If the lockup has worked to reduce deaths massively, then people wouldn’t have minded that the jab was an utter failure. But we now have a jab that is a failure and a lockup that completely failed to work.

And, worse for the vile people who broke international law and forced experimental medication on people, and those who broke the law of the UK and illegally detained millions of people in direct contravention of common law, Magna Carta and human rights, the sheeple are beginning to wake up.

I think it’s the realisation that this booster jab … means that there is no end … that no matter how much they go along with the profit making schemes of Big Pharma, that those loathsome “drug dealers” will always be demanding they pay for yet one more “fix” … and like all drug dealers, it will never end and it was all entirely utterly pointless.

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