Covid Update

In short: I don’t have a clue what the figures mean for future covid.

However, it is now clear the jab has been a total failure … it does nothing to stop the spread of covid, indeed if anything those with the jab are more likely to spread it, and if it does reduce deaths, the jab is as likely to increase deaths both immediately after taking the jab, and more worryingly long term.

So, basically, no fit and healthy person should be taking the jab … the risks outweigh the “benefits”. And, in an ideal world I’d tell people with serious conditions to talk to their GP … but GPs are now unobtainium.

But I only mention jabs, because the jabs are easy … the evidence is pretty clear they do not work to stop the spread of covid and are dangerous so only a very few people should even consider them.

But the covid stats … they just look like noise … loud noise, with a high level of positives. There is no longer any sign of “epidemics”, instead it’s just a continuous high level with massive fluctuations … which could have a long term trend up … but could just as easily turn to a long term downward trend. Is this the “lull” before the storm … or is this the dying waves after the event? Indeed, are the stats still real at all? Are they just being made up? Are we being fed total lies …. and if so, is this to hide what is happening or to hide what could happen … or to manufacture more profit for BIG PHARMA by keeping the scare going … or to normalise covid to make the panic go away.

Antibody Dependent Enhancement

The only thing that can be said for sure … is that we know people have begun to lose immunity, so now, the longer we don’t hear anything that clearly shows ADE is happening, the less chance there is that ADE will occur.

However, it is also true, that I haven’t seen anything to suggest ADE will not occur. Indeed, the more bizarre the stats, the more concerned I am, that in some way that I do not understand, the stats indicates that ADE is occurring.

And note: this is also the argument “for” global warming. They don’t understand the weather stats or “trends”, so the stats “must” indicate what they fear.

But, also note, like global warming … the stats get changed to suit whatever the agenda of those in control of the stats have. And, the bizarre behaviour of the “stats” may simply be indicative of meddling in the stats.

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