Lessons so far

This is my current thinking … which I suspect is more likely to be read by the Chinese than our own government, such is the stupidity of those who currently hold power in the UK.

That the worst case is a lot worse than we initially think

I started by assuming that 25% of people would get infected and only 50% die. In retrospect, neither of those can be supported as a worst case scenario. The worst case is approaching 100% of those who had the jab. Nor is that the worst case, because an even worse case is that a large number of those who took the jab survive, but are then unable to look after themselves and/or that the entire resources that could go to aid the survival of those who are left, gets diverted fruitlessly, by the jabbed, for the jabbed.

The worst case scenario is that single digit percentages survive. That might be a low probability scenario, but that is now a realistic worst case.

That worst case scenario planning fails when the worst case is so bad

The purpose of looking at the worst case, is to plan for a scenario which creates a huge problem, so, although it is a remote possibility, the total risk is significant compared to more likely scenarios.

But, in this case, either all the decisions have been made (mass jabbing), or the juggernaut brainwashed mindset is already on course to calamity and there is nothing that can reasonable be done to stop it (the brainwashing of the public to accept the concept of the jab as a “saviour” makes the mass jabbing of children inevitable and it cannot now be stopped by anyone like me). Nor is there any reasonable way to prepare for that eventuality in the time available.

Government and the experts are now fixed into a mindset which prevents them considering ADE

Despite the fact that ADE is a significant probability, I have found that the “experts” are totally arrogant about their knowledge that it won’t happen … and when challenged, they cannot defend that. Instead it’s the old trick of “unless you can provide incontrovertible evidence beyond any shadow of doubt proving not just that ADE can occur, but how it occurs … then you have to believe me (the arrogant expert)”  … when they can not produce any evidence that it will not occur. We are now latched into the groupthink “ADE cannot occur”, and these “experts” will not budge from that view, until they have incontrovertible evidence that it is occurring … and even then, they still won’t believe it, let alone take it seriously, for some considerable time.

When the jab starts killing people … they will push for more jabs.

Once government and the experts have the mindset that the jab is some saviour, all scenarios will be interpreted as evidence that more jabs are needed. More deaths means more jabs needed.

Punctuated slow collapse

My basic conceptual model for the response to a civilisation ending scenario is one of slow “ending of normal function” punctuated by the odd event such as a mass strike of police refusing to confront the public.

The Headless Chicken phase

I think covid shows, that people are most panicked by a low risk event. So, ironically, I think that one of the strongest social responses would be to a relatively low level of ADE. My reasoning for this, is that if we look at the soldiers in WWI & II, we see that despite horrendous stress, they were able to cope, I think because the risk was obvious and the way to avoid the risk was also obvious. In contrast, if people hear ADE is happening, they will have no idea of the risk nor any appropriate response. The headless chicken phase is a desperate attempt to find a meaningful response to a serious life threatening risk and, once people understand the risk, even when death seems inevitable, they are more able to cope with that if they know what to do.

The desperate seek for cures

The only caveat to the eventual die down of the headless chick phrase as the real risk becomes tangible, is that if large numbers of ADE deaths occur, people will be desperate for a “cure”. That will occur at a point when most people have lost faith in the experts … so people will desperately try “cures” both official and unofficial, with no real certainty over what they are doing. So, there will be repeated headless chicken episodes where some cure or other is claimed and people desperately try to work out what to do.


Children are the future … but there could be large numbers of orphans with no easy way to look after them. Even if every child of a jabbed parent is jabbed, children have different immune systems, and it is not necessarily true that the same will happen to them as their parents. But …

Old People

Bizarrely, because of the weakened immune response of older people, it is possible that they do not suffer from ADE to the same extent as younger people. Indeed, if an auto immune response, it might be the elderly that survive where the children do not.

The potential for social wide action

The politicians & their self-appointed “experts” are obsessed with jabs. It is very likely that their response to increasing deaths FROM THE JAB, will be that they attempt to force jabs onto every one who has not had the jab. In that atmosphere, any attempt to dissuade them will fail. It will be a cult-like response from them … we cannot question the saviour of the jab. Indeed, given the incessant media brainwashing … any attempt to change the mindset of the majority of the public will also fail. (Deprogramming cult members takes many months)

By the time the futility of forcing jabs on people cannot be denied, it will be too late to so anything.

As such, there is no reasonable prospect of changing the course of this calamity until after it is happening. Even then, the power will reside with the jabbed, and they will take resources and future prospects away from the unjabbed for themselves. That will not change, except in the very worst case scenario where the number of “working” jabbed fall below that of the unjabbed, which is likely around 70 to 90% deaths.

So, although there are many possible scenarios with lower death rates, there is no actionable plan that can be put into place in the face of what will remain throughout most of the calamity as an overwhelming dominance of the jabbed.

Foreign invasion

Under the worst case scenario, the UK will be highly susceptible to foreign invasion and take over.


No current actionable plan at a society level

Common sense has not been listened to despite it coming from the most respected scientists. When the headless chicken phase sets in, there is no reasonable prospect common sense being heard until the evidence is so overwhelming that … and then it is too late.

But there are things that we can each do to improve our & our immediate family and social groups own survivability, even if there is nothing we can do for society in general.

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