The POST ADE transition

I’m trying to envisage what would happen if ADE develops in order to try to understand what opportunities might exist to improve the outcomes not only for me, or my immediate family, but for society in general.

This is proving an extremely difficult task, because not only is ADE extremely poorly understood, so estimates of deaths range from 0.1% right up to 100% of the jabbed, but also there is no historical precedent for the death of 10s of millions of people in a modern society – so we have no idea how society will react to this horror. And, indeed, the circumstances of self-inflicted mortality supposed to “save” people are truly bizarre and they must be a one off.

Unfortunately, almost everything written about such literally “end of civilisation” ending events is utter rubbish. The authors base their ideas of disaster movies, and disaster movies are written to have a lot of action. But, the reality of actual mass deaths, is that people don’t do a lot … they don’t behave like the movies… there is no mass uprising or mass violence … they simply struggle in simple ways to survive.

But, despite the difficulty envisaging such an appalling scenario, I’m starting to have some concept of what the world will be like if ADE develops.

At first, there will be a stage of denial in which it is labelled as a new and much more deadly variant. So, we can expect a very harsh lockup. These do not work and as it will be very quickly apparent that the deaths are almost exclusively in the jabbed, whether officially or unofficially, the public will learn that ADE is developing.

The censoring press will know well before the public get told officially. So even as they tell the public that it’s just another variant, we can expect a barrage of questions from the press (who are jabbed), asking something like: “although you say ADE is not occurring, there is a possibility it could, and if it does, what treatment is available and what are you doing (being very emphatic) to ensure there is a treatment”. People will get the message that the end is coming … but even then, at first the focus will be on stopping the transmission of covid, looking for a cure, and for most people just carrying on life. I think it will be extremely difficult for those in power to admit, even to themselves, that most people who took the jab could die. So, there will be no early planning.

And, that is how I think it will largely remain despite growing death rates. Hope mixed with fatalism and despondency. Yes crimes will increase … particularly as people realise what is happening, but largely because they won’t see a lot of point in “developing their future”, when they start to realise they may not have any. Also the police, government and transport will start to fail … as there are increasing numbers of absentee workers. The same model probably holds for politicians … a slow but steady inability to do anything.

How far that proceeds, then depends on the level of deaths and disablement from ADE.


The number of potential scenarios is enormous. At one end, ADE might be barely noticed with a relatively small number having ongoing problems well short of death. At the other is that everyone who had any jab starts dying. But not all jabs may have the same outcome, there could be age differences, we could see very quick deaths, or it could lead to a long sustained death for millions of people who just cannot be supported by those remaining.

However, a few of the obvious problems are those of who has political power, what happens to children and defence.

Political Power

If we are to believe our (lying) politicians, they have all had the jab and are almost all 100% in favour of it. If there were a large die off, then we would inevitably transition from power being held by the jabbed, where all the resources of the state would allocated for their benefit, to power being held by the unjabbed, where the focus would be on those who would survive ADE, and the development of a post ADE future … which hopefully would include many jabbed, but resources would have to go to where it would most like increase the chances of survival.

This transition could be very problematic, but it only occurs in the worst case scenarios.


The other problem we face in a post ADE world is a massive imbalance between the unjabbed adults, and the excessively large population of unjabbed children. The worst scenario, is that almost no children are jabbed, and that we get a massive die off of adults, leaving perhaps 4-7 children for every married couple. In a society where the economy and agriculture is likely near collapse, people are going to struggle just to keep their own heads above water.


Of all the potential critical problems, one that sticks out is that of defence. In the US the army have been forcibly jabbed .. if the same is true in the UK, then we have no army. We will be a sitting duck, painted bright fluorescent orange swimming in front of a shooting party shouting “come and shoot me” (i.e. take our land).

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