Anatomy of a collapsing mega scare scam

For years I have wondered what would happen when the global warming scam finally came to an end: would it fade out to obscurity or would it collapse in a monumental crash?

So, when it dawned on my that covid was just another feardemic and that like the global warming scam, this one was going to collapse, but unlike the global warming scam, the covid scam would collapse within a year, I could see that the way the covid scam collapsed might be a very good indicator of how the global warming scam would finally go.

After the end of the epidemic, it was clear that the public fear would soon subside, but what wasn’t clear is how the government would behave. Interestingly, rather than accept the inevitable end, what we in the UK have seen is a number of “reach for the sky” type initiatives trying to grasp “victory” from the jaws of defeat. If anything, the more obvious it is that the jab failed to save lives, that the lockup added 50,000 deaths, the less interested the public, the more shrill the government demands for ever more draconian schemes.

In retrospect, this has a lot of similarities to the global warming scam. As public interest waned, the government have pushed for ever crazier targets again trying to grasp victory from the jaws of defeat.

The reason for this government behaviour now seems clear. In the beginning where there was a lot of support, the government just had to say “let’s get X done”, and by a miracle, a lot of people would get involved and start getting X done. But when apathy and disinterest sets in, the government still uses the same approach … but with little result. But rather than adjust the approach, they just create more and more unrealistic targets in the hope that the more determined they appear to be the more people will join in and make it happen. In reality the opposite happens – the more shrill the government cries – the more people know it is failing.

My guess is that the next stage involves a choice by government:

  • Accept defeat and move on
  • Pour more and more effort into flogging a dead horse until it all explodes in an obnoxious cloud in their faces.
  • Get distracted (by events or by something convenient)

I think we’ll now have to wait and see.

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