Predicting the revolution

The rise of printing in Europe(c1450) changed the control of information, such that within a relatively short time, the power of those in control (church and monarchy) was under severe threat and eventually collapsed leading to the rise of the modern world.

However, printing also created a delusional phase where, for example, because people started printing on the subject, it became widely believed that there was a problem with witches. This is analogous to the present situation whereby a fairly common virus has been turned by delusion into the insane belief that it is an end of world killer plague.

The witch delusion heralded in an age of revolution which led to the widespread end of monarchy in a series of sometimes very bloody revolutions.  Thus it seems possible that we might to some degree be able to start to predict this internet revolution. My assumptions are as follows:

  1. Printing in Europe invented 1450
  2. First leader to send emails in 1976
  3. The witch crisis hits a peak in 1650
  4. The covid delusion is 2020
  5. The age of revolution is 1650-1800

On this basis, we can see the internet revolution is occurring a lot faster than the printing revolution.

Relative speed = (1650 – 1450)/(2020-1976) = 4.5x

From this, taking 1976 as the start of the internet revolution and 1450 that of the printing revolution(s) we can work out the age of internet revolution will be approximately:

2020 – 2053AD

Of course, that is assuming that the covid delusion, is the one and only delusion. Another scenario, is that the covid delusion, is simply the first of a whole series of delusional episode, which then makes the internet revolution(s) a more extended period.

Trump the warm up act

I always found it amusing to listen to people saying how much they hate Trump, knowing that he was just the warm up act for much greater changes to come. Likewise, it is also amusing to hear people talking about politics moving “left” or “right”, when the actual change is not going to fit into that distorted political perception. Likewise, it is amusing hearing the journalists at the Spectator chat about the delusions they hear in the Westminster bars, knowing them to be delusions, and as such all the more clueless about the changes that are coming.

But that doesn’t mean I really know where we are going. I may be a few steps ahead of them, I may have started to realise there is a journey starting, but I still don’t know even the route, let alone where it ends. But it does seem clear to me, that when historians look back at our age, they will see no difference between Trump and any other president before him. Instead, they will point to changes that are yet to come as being the most dramatic in our age. So, for those idiots, who thought stuffing the ballot box to get Biden illegally as president, the last laugh will be on them!

Because 2020 and the covid delusion, should be a wake up call to society about the impending changes, making it possible to have those changes with minimal damage. Unfortunately, rather than a wake up call about the way we are going, I don’t think anyone noticed, making a precipitous and probably bloody revolution likely.

But how soon will it occur? Covid has changed people’s perception, and without doubt, the perception of government and those in charge has got far worse in 2020, and as the economic crisis and unemployment rockets, there is no doubt the conditions make a violent swing to revolution likely. But whatever happens, I doubt it will be the main event. But I do think we are about to see some of the biggest political changes in my lifetime.

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