It’s beginning to crumble

As the above graph shows, the rate of death in the UK, remains stubbornly within the normal range of deaths we expect at this time of year, despite supposedly 400 or 500 dying from covid and many extra deaths happeningĀ  from all the cancer, heart, kidney, etc patients whose diagnosis was missed when the NHS was insanely shut down.

How has this happened? The reason, whilst already patently clear from those who understand anything about the failure of the PCR test, was underlined this week when Spanish researchers found that around 87% of people in hospital who supposedly had covid, turned out not to have it when retested and something like half of those with the most specific symptom associated with covid (lack of taste) also turned out not to have it.

It has been blatantly clear for some time that we are in the middle of a false test epidemic. I think this could be caused by a combination of over-cycling the test together with a similar bug which is close enough to covid, to lower the noise threshold for a false positives so that the over-cycling then almost always causes a positive. That means an entirely benign bug could be triggering the supposed “covid positive” results. That could mean that we are actually seeing is an epidemic curve for a very widespread but entirely harmless bug. So many people have got this “sniffle” that by pure chance, a large number of people who die, also had the sniffle. That causes a positive test result for “covid” and when some die, those are recorded as “covid deaths”.

There is no health emergency, there is absolutely no reason to take any special measures and the illegal detention of people in their homes is not only illegal, but totally pointless.

This is the biggest scandal
in the entire history of science.


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