I have just been examining data for various countries and extrapolating back the growth to the date at which there would have been one carrier. Here they are:

  • Italy 6th Feb
  • S.Korea: 8th Feb
  • Iran: 15th Feb
  • UK 18th Feb
  • France: 18th Feb
  • US: 20th Feb
  • Germany: 21st Feb

There is clearly a cluster of starting dates around the 18th – 20th of Feb.

To change the subject entirely? It is interesting to note that the Iranian epidemic which postdates S.Korea by a week, is centred around the city of Qom which was the birth place of Qasem Soleimani the Iranian major general killed by the US on 3rd Jan this year.

It is almost as if someone flew from S.Korea, to Iran, then to UK or France, and then the US.

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