2019 – the year alarmists gave up on science.

Arguing about climate with academics has long turned boring as it’s now so easy to win. It used to take about a dozen tweets to home in on the lack of any science, but 2019, turned that into just one … mention that the press now think climate an expert is a 16yr old uneducated girl and the academics don’t want to carry on! And, I can see their point!

Imagine a chef being told that the press think the greatest food in the world is a Macdonalds hamburger. It shows they are wasting their time and most people don’t care about their “expertise”. What was the point in academics spending years and years inventing all those papers, when some 16year old became a climate expert without even finishing school?

It’s now a sad life for alarmist academics. Sceptics stopped treating their views seriously years ago, but that didn’t concern them much. But now the press have stopped treating their whole subject as a serious academic issue, and started treating it like a comic book. The climate academics are getting a lot of ridicule, or at least cold shoulders from their colleagues in serious subjects.

By turning “climate” into “popular” even “dumb”, fashion, Greta… or to be more exact the people running her … have done more than any sceptic ever achieved: they have made “climate” unfashionable in academia revealing it as the dumbest subject on the planet.

Parallels with Brexit

For years, those like the Biased Corp, Guardian etc., lied to the public about “Britain wanting to be in the EU”. Then along came the internet, the press could no longer prevent the public’s real views from being heard and the end was the Brexit vote, followed by the massive endorsement at the last general election to leave the EU.

The same is true of climate. According to the press, everyone believes in their insane predictions. According to what I see, like Brexit, the majority of the public certainly do not accept the climate cult’s madness. But like Brexit, the political class is yet again massively out of step with public opinion.

And having once got a massive bloody nose over Brexit, I know the political class will not want to take on the public to push insane climate cult policies.

Future plans

Having seen the alarmists shooting themselves in the foot with Greta, I am very tempted, rather than trying to “stop” them, to instead encourage them. What insanity will they dream up next?

Greta, who looked so great at the time, has done huge damage to their cause. And, from what I hear, Extinction rebellion was a flop, because rather than increasing alarm, it instead raised questions amongst greens such as who was funding it and why? And, whilst the alarmists have been focussing elsewhere, we in the UK have got a massive majority for a Tory government.

Best of all, the stupid politicians have all signed up to “do something” about climate. Why is this so good?** Because politicians have been very willing to go along with the climate craziness when there was zero cost to them. But since “doing something” inevitable means huge costs … which means electoral suicide. From now on the stupid politicians will be far from keen to remind anyone that they promised to “do something”.

Instead of “sceptics are trying to stop you … politicians”, 2019, has turned the issue on its head. Now instead of us sceptics being the bad guys, now “the Climate cult is trying to force you politicians” and politicians have started hating them.

If any politician wants to commit electoral suicide by promising to wreck the economy … why do I want to stop them? Climate is now an electoral poision chalice. Politicians can’t just claim to support it, they can’t claim support without doing the “something” they promised, which means immense cost and huge environmental damage which directly hits their electoral support – even amongst the Greens. Having seen how those who tried to push the public to stay in the EU were destroyed at the last election … the politicians will not be wanting a repeat of that on climate.

So, in terms of my own plans, I have to say … with alarmists doing so much through their own actions to discredit their own cult … I think the best thing is to just let them get on with it.

State of the climate

Boring! Because from 2014, we’ve had a series of strong El Nino conditions with no matching strong La Nina to give any indicatino of the long term change in temperature. And because El Nino pushes up global temps, the slightly higher temps can be entirely accounted for by the recent flurry of El Nino. This means that any reasonable person would have to say that there is no meaningful change in temperature for the last 20 years.

The climate has done absolutely nothing for two decades!

There are suggestions the El Nino will go away in 2020, but there have been similar predictions every year since 2016. One would think, with a run of El Nino, we ought to get a deep La Nina, but there’s no evidence it works that way. So, it could be many years before we even get a glimpse of what trend, if any, there has been recently.

Shove me a cryogenic sleep for a decade

If the only thing I cared about was climate, and if it were possible to just sleep for many years, then seriously, I’d be asking to be put to sleep, for at least five years, but likely for a decade so that there is a chance that when I wake up something has happened. Indeed, realistically a decade wouldn’t be much use either, as there is a strong chance that two decades will be the opposite of the third, so I’d want to see at least 30 years of data. But would two decades of cooling end the climate cult? Who are we kidding!! For serious debate on the actual science to even start, we probably need 50 years of data … and that is almost certainly far too little to come to any meaningful conclusion.

So, seriously … I will certainly be dead before there’s any meaningful consensus about what the climate is doing now. So do I want to spend the rest of my life arguing with mindless & often very dishonest numbskulls (on both sides) whether a fraction of a degree change has or has not happened?

**The problem we sceptics always faced, was that academics were extremely left-wing and eco-nutter biased and they got all the funding and sceptics did not. So, for obvious reasons it was an entirely dishonest fight between well funded left/eco-biased academics and the few scientifically trained people like me who for entirely altruistic reasons took them on.

However, when it comes to “doing something”, suddenly the number of experts who aren’t academics increases by perhaps 1000 to 1million times. Because everyone is familiar with the cost of money and instead of 1000s of academics lying about the climate against the dozen or so scientifically literate and honest people like me, we now have 1000s of academics, claiming to be experts on climate”, who now have to claim to be experts in economics, engineers, etc., and who are now going to have to take on the millions in the real economy who are experts in that economy. Now, the public will know academics are not the experts and rightly accept that those outside academia are.

We few sceptics held back the tide of insanity, long enough that there is now sufficient data to show no worrying trends in climate, no increasing costs due to climate. After our work it won’t take a genius to work out that the cost of “doing something” is never going to be justified. The climate cult may still be running, but we sceptics seriously wounded this beast and best of all … flushed it from its cover where it was pretending to be “science” and revealed itself as the rantings of a 16year old scientific ignoramus.

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