Waiting for the end of the climate scam

There is no doubt that the climate scam and the cult that pushes it, will come to an end, at least the scam will come to an end as the evidence shows there is no “climate crisis”, however the cult may not so much end, as just morph into somethings else like a Mushroom worshiping cult.

However, climate does what the climate wants, and the soonest we expect to see any significant cooling is approx five years. And, even if the actual climate cools, the adherents of the cult, who think a perfectly normal and very ordinary climate is a “crisis”, still won’t believe it. Mere evidence won’t change their beliefs.

Because the simple fact is that there is not the slightest connection between the “climate crisis” and reality. The “Crisis” is a purely human created myth which neither was created by fact nor can be destroyed by the mere facts. And let’s be frank, the real climate, and real climate trends are about as boring as … I’d say “paint drying”, but as least with paint drying there is a change, whereas our real climate has spent 20 years going sod all.

Indeed, perhaps the reason this mad cult was able to grow up, was because there was so little newsworthy interest in the real climate, that people jumped on the fake climate to create news.

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