The Climate Cult

We sceptics won the argument on the climate science as much as a decade ago when all the “predictions” of the alarmists (as I then called them) came to nought. The temperature as given by the satellites (as opposed to adjusted by humans at NASA), showed no warming since the removal of cooling causing pollutants like SO2 and there was no trend in severe weather.

We won the scientific debate!! So we sceptics thought that was the end of the scam.


We may have understood the science, we may have won the scientific debate, but what we never appreciated was that the scam was never based on science, and so no scientific argument could ever win the climate war. The Climate Cults, claims of “science” were just that. “Claims” and nothing more: a thin veneer of bullshit beneath which hid a brainwashing cult the like of which we only believed existed in totalitarian regimes like NASI … sorry NAZA Germany.

The debate which we thought we had won on the science has now become a mockery of science. Talking to the climate cult about the science is about as useful as taking a physics textbook to a comedy show. The lunatics who believe in global warming just aren’t interested in the science. “Science” is just an advertising gimmick for the cult who don’t care that the only credible science they “have” is that doubling CO2 will cause 1C warming. Indeed far from embracing that science, you certainly won’t find that only bit of science in any of the brainwashing fake news material from the likes of the BBC etc.

That has left us sceptics in a terrible position, because trying to explain climate science to the brainwashed morons who follow the climate cult is no more likely to change their minds than speaking to them in Klingon. They didn’t come to their view by science, so how can science ever force them to change their mind?

Look out the window stupid!

The sceptics main asset is that despite the 24/7 climate cult brainwashing from the likes of the BBC, the public (at least those old enough) have seen it all before. We’ve had the millennium bug, bird flu, ebola, etc. etc., and the fake news media declared them all to be “emergencies” just as they have now laughingly declared what is clearly one of the most benign climate in human history to be an “emergency”. And what is more, the climate is accessible to us all … we just have to look out the window (it’s currently 12C here in our Scottish “summer” and predicted to get cooler in the next few days). The result is that most people couldn’t care less about the climate and there is not a chance in hell that will change as the climate is not changing.

The big question for Sceptics: how do we fight a cult?

Personally, having had the experience of knowing some religious nutters from School – and learning that nothing at all will change their minds, whenever I’ve come across religious nutters, I normally ignore them. And, that is largely my instinct now with the climate cult. They are religious nutters and I’ve no doubt that trying to talk science to them has almost no chance of getting them to see sense.

But when so many people, and particularly politicians are part of that religious cult, surely ignoring them cannot be the right thing to do?

I don’t have any answers to that question now. I used to think that science and rationale thought would always win out, but after several decades of seeing this climate cult growing despite all the clear scientific evidence against it, I have to accept the evidence: there is clear proof that stupid sometimes wins out.

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