WTO rules

Right from the beginning when we saw the EU attitude to the timescale for us leaving, it was clear the EU were going to be behaving like a spoilt spouse doing all they can to wreck the future life of their former marriage partner.
So, I thought it was inevitable that we would leave without an agreement. However, everyone else seemed to expect a deal, so I will admit, for a while I wondered if they were right. But after May’s treacherous “out in name only” offer to the EU, I thought they EU would certainly grab it with both hands, because it was the worst of all possible deals for the UK: subject to all the rules and bureaucracy of the EU but without any say at all about those rules. In effect we would become a foreign dominion of the EU.
Fortunately, the expected hatred of the EU to anyone daring to rid themselves of EU control seems to be prevailing … even over the “common sense” that May’s treacherous deal was the worst possible “deal” we could get. The result is that, as people realise the EU has no intention of allowing us to have a deal, more and more people are seriously talking about leaving on WTO rules. Which I think is great! Because there is so much wrong with the EU, that we really need perhaps 5-10 years TOTALLY detached from the EU, to totally reset our relationship with that tyrannical dictatorship and then that will allow us to know what if anything we do want to work with them AS EQUAL PARTNERS in future trade deals.
Obviously, I can’t pretend that situation will be great – because, like the worst empires, it is the practice of the EU to intentionally destroy the economies on its borders in order to give them no choice but to join. That was a severe problem to countries sandwiched between Russia and the EU with one, or other or BOTH easily able to block their trade. So I have the greatest sympathy for them. But fortunately Britain is big enough, with enough international borders to the worlds and stubborn enough to tell the EU to take a high jump.

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3 Responses to WTO rules

  1. KillerBean says:

    It was because of the political side of the EU that I voted leave. Since the referendum they have shown themselves to be the self serving elites that I thought they where. Just let us leave.

    • Scottish-Sceptic says:

      They certainly have done nothing to make me question my decision to leave.
      Quite the opposite. During the campaign there were a few issues even I didn’t quite believe the EU could do. And then very soon after they did them. The one I remember was start the creation of an EU army which remainers strenuously denied would happen (like they strenuously denied joining would lead to a superstate, that we had any say over the EU, etc.)

  2. Related and worthwhile is “We need a new fighting leader to blast our way out of the lawless EU“, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, The Telegraph.

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